Twitter Updates That Will Boost Your SEO with the Montreal SEO Expert


Montreal SEO Expert, Herman Tumurcuoglu is among many that understand the effects and importance of a good social media strategy in relation to search engine optimization. It can significantly boost your SEO and here are some important Twitter updates that you may have missed:

  • Twitter Feed Filters – Twitter has recently implemented more news feed filters. The filters allow users to filter out unwanted content or even sponsored content. Individuals can even mute content on their feeds. They have the option of doing it for hours, days, or forever working against many social media managers and online reputation managers. What does this mean for the online reputation management industry? Content creativity. The industry has to get increasingly creative with content that consumers will want to read. That begins with a headline that concerns them, is tempting, and evokes emotion.
  • Tweetdeck – Twitter has had an analytics program available to users for quite a while. Currently, they are considering offering a paid version of their analytics platform, also referred to as Tweetdeck. Although these features are not currently available, it is something to keep an eye out for. Understanding analytics on all social media platforms can make or break your social media strategy especially when there are over 500 millions tweets sent per day; 350 000 tweets per minute; and over 6000 tweets per second. Because online reputation management efforts take time to see the effects, analytics gives experts and daily users immediate projections.

Among other updates, Facebook is offering fake news alerts, YouTube videos are losing to Facebook videos, and Pinterest is adding a search ads feature to correspond with Google. The constantly changing social media environment can work to your advantage in online reputation management…. Only if you keep up. Complement your SEO strategy with an advanced and sustainable social media strategy to stay ahead of your competitors in search results. The Montreal SEO Expert is among few that understand the importance of microblogging to boost your SEO. Contact him for more information on how it can effectively help your online brand strategy.