Where Can Hand Dyers Be Installed And Why


People need to wash their hands every day. This is something that keeps us clean and prevents the spread of germs from one person to the next. You will want to install a quality hand dryer so that people are able to clean their hands without needing to touch the machine. This is achieved by installing a hand dryer with a motion sensor.

There are several places that need to have hand dryers. What are they and why do they need them?


One of the places that a hand dryer should be installed is a gym. When people are exercising and building up a sweat, this can make their hands very unhygienic. Drying hands needs to be done by an electric dryer with a sensor. This will lower the risk that germs are passed on by one gym-goer to the next.

High-quality hand dryers can be installed in the gym changing rooms and toilets for maximum hygiene. They can even be installed on the walls of the gym area itself.

Shopping Centres

Shopping centres have thousands of people flood through their doors every day. When people touch escalators, handrails and coffee cups, they could be transferring germs from their hands onto those surfaces.

This means that a powerful hand dryer needs to be installed in the toilets of the shopping centre. This will encourage people to wash their hands before they exit the toilet and carry on with their shopping.


Cinemas attract lots of theatregoers every day. When they are eating popcorn or having drinks, germs can pass onto their hands. They need to be able to make sure that they can wash their hands properly. This means that a hand dryer needs to be installed in all of the cinema toilets.

This ensures that the cinema is going to be a completely hygienic environment without any problems at all.


Food preparation is one of the main tasks for people who are working in a restaurant. After the chefs have handled the food to make the meal, the waiter will then have to carry the plates to the diners. This means that the kitchen staff needs to have excellent hand hygiene. A Motion-sensor hand dryer can be installed in the staff bathrooms.

The diners also need to be able to dry their hands properly after they have been to the toilet. This will prevent them from falling ill. They will be able to enjoy their meal after they have finished going to the toilet.


Schools can be a breeding ground for germs because children often are not concerned with proper hygiene. A hand dryer can be installed in every single school bathroom to encourage the children to wash and dry their hands properly after they have been to the toilet.

Private Homes

You can also install a hand dryer in your bathroom at home in order to make your whole family much more hygienic.

A hand dryer is useful in a wide variety of different settings.