Our Guide To Registering Your Start-Up Business

Start-Up Business

A start-up business is one of the main things that most people desire to open. However, registering it can be one of the toughest work to do. It is a mandatory thing to register your business because without it you might face a number of legal problems. So, make it sure of properly register your business name.

Here are the three main ways how you can register your business. It will always be good if you come up with something unique. The ways mentioned below can help you not only register your start-up business but also to create a brand in the market.

Creation of the business structure

For registering a start-up business, you can easily look up to make a structure for the business. There are two types of business structures that you can make. They are LLC (Limited Liability Company) or the corporation. Try to know about every detail regarding the two. These business structures can deliver you different ways of getting discounts and protections. Apart from it, registering the name can become easier.

There will be a thorough legal search with your name. It is done as a measure of checking if another business pre-exists with the same name. You can also add a fictitious name to your business too. At last a filing is done that registers your start-up business.

The DBA method

The DBA method is the most lucid way to register the name of the start-up business. The full form of DBA is ‘Do Business As’. The procedure might take place in a clerk’s office. The checking part remains the same here too. A filing fee is present that the business owner has to deliver during the registration filing. If you are a sole proprietor of your start-up, you might go for this procedure.

There is a chance for you to open a business by your own name. However, it is important that the name can be legally used. Bank filing can also be done if you desire to get a business bank account.

Trademarking the business

Trademarking is another process that can help you to register your business name easily. This method gives you the highest security in terms of the uniqueness of your brand. You can run a formal start-up business if you trademark the start-up you open. All you need to do is to make a complete research about a company that delivers the guidance regarding the registration.

So, these are the leading techniques that you can put to work while registering the start-up business. You must know that the charges are nominal and you can have a quick and effective registration if your brand name is unique. While registering you can get a lot of legal support as well as avoid the legal mishaps too.