When to Get a Lawyer if Involved in a Car Accident

Car Accident

In the United States itself, the number of people that dies in a car accident every year is a little over 32,000, while over 2 million people attain injuries in collisions every year. Depending on who is at fault for the car accident, it may require a Kent car accident attorney.

Car accidents can be serious, time-consuming, and expensive. And it is hard to know whether you will need an attorney to resolve the issue, particularly at the beginning. Even when you are not suing another person for the accident, you may need an attorney to help you receive money from your car insurance service provider.

In this post, we will be discussing when to get a lawyer for a car accident so that you can make calculated decisions.

When to get a car accident attorney? 

If you are involved in a paltry car accident, like in a parking lot where two vehicles backed into each other, at very low speeds, chances are you won’t need an attorney. In most cases, such auto accidents have no to minimal damage and no one is injured. If there’s scratch or dent in the car, you can go through your insurance company and prevent the hassle of appointing an attorney. However, there are times when car accidents warrant the help of an attorney. These instances may include:

  •       Insurance issues– if the vehicles involved in the accident don’t have insurance, a law firm can help if the insurer suggests your insurance limits are too low or you didn’t pay your premium.
  •       Attorneys are involved– if the second-party, including your insurance company, hires a lawyer, you would want to secure your own lawyer.
  •       Additional parties– when additional parties like pedestrians or other vehicles are involved in the accident, you will need a lawyer to take care of things.
  •       Police report– if there is a false police report filed against you, it can hinder your insurance claim. An attorney can help you clear out your name.
  •       Construction zone– if the accident took place in a construction zone, there can be a lot of casualties, including the workers. The owner of the construction project may charge you with allegations like damage to the property and injury to the workers. This can lead to hefty fines and penalties.
  •       Fault– when you are at fault, it can become a clear issue. At this point, you will want some legal guidance.
  •       Death– a car accident leading to the death of anyone involved should be handled by an experienced attorney.
  •       Serious injuries– some of the car crashes involve hospitalization, injuries, and broken bones that are likely to be permanent in nature. If any serious injury has occurred, you will want to avail the services of a lawyer.

An experienced attorney can guide you and help you with several factors. An attorney’s advice is necessary if you are –

  •       Not sure if your insurance service provider is acting in good faith
  •       Stuck in negotiations with your insurer
  •       Confused about your policy
  •       Not sure of your rights
  •       Accident’s fault may be an issue

There is no need to panic. Always make decisions with a clear mind.