Why Are Meta Title & Description Tags So Indispensable In 2020

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In 2020, when guesswork from search engine optimization has vanished, meta tags still hold the key when it comes to ranking your website. They are added at the backend of the HTML code and are a decisive ranking factor. However, a section of SEO experts are overlooking the worth of these tags, and in this post, we’ll be illustrating why they are committing a big blunder.

Impacts The Website Appearance On The SERP Results

While, you made all the efforts to rank your website on the top positions of popular search engines such as Google, Bing, etc, but you have invested in curating the meta title and description you won’t be able to encourage Internet users to visit your website. The ideal character length of a meta title for a web page is 60 characters, while 160 characters are for the meta description. Therefore, you have to be creative to clearly explain the purpose of the web page to the potential visitor. So, in a nutshell, meta titles and descriptions are critical conversations that can double your monthly organic web traffic, only when you are ready to put in the effort to properly structure these tags. If you are not good at writing and placing the meta tags at the backend, it is highly advisable to reach out to a reliable freelance SEO Essex company

Impacts SEO Rankings

As mentioned earlier, the meta title and description have a big role in terms of taking your website to higher positions. Mast search engines like Google give great weightage to these tags, But, the title and description need to be well-optimised, it includes having the right keywords, but don’t overdo, otherwise, you’ll end up hampering your website rankings. Google reads what the webpage is all about from the title and description of the page. Ideally, one keyword in the title and one keyword in description needs to be put to open the flood gate of traffic to your website. Also, the meta tags need to be updated regularly in line with your changing rankings.

SEO is never an overnight venture, therefore, it is best if you have a professional freelance SEO Essex expert to continually do the SEO work to help your website to rank higher on a majority of search engines. Make sure they have extensive industry and knowledge to guide your business website to glory.