5 Great Ways to Enhance Employee Productivity

It’s no secret that employee productivity is a crucial aspect of success.

Employees are the backbone of the company and without their labor, a business can and will collapse. Complications, such as those brought on by the ongoing pandemic, can lead to an expedited closure.

Of course, boosting employee productivity is easier said than done. The good news is we’ve got five efficient methods right here for you to try out. Continue reading to learn more:

  1. Boost Communication

Did you know a large chunk of people’s time at work goes to checking their email? In the worst-case scenarios, employees spend up to five hours.

Workaround this by making communication at the workplace smoother, faster, and more efficient. Don’t rely solely on email. Use tools like Slack or Discord to give employees a free space to communicate while also segregating topics into different channels.

A productive workplace is a loud one, where people share information to get the job done efficiently and on time.

  1. Delegate Tasks

The more tasks one employee has to finish, the less likely they’ll get it all done in time. Split the workload and learn to delegate tasks to others. Split the tasks according to employee skills and potential.

Delegating tasks simplifies work and allows employees to focus on different goals. At the end of the day, these individual goals all work towards one project’s completion.

  1. Rework Meetings

Have you ever considered altering how you conduct meetings?

Most companies hold traditional meetings: you walk into a room and a speaker uses a PowerPoint presentation to disseminate information. However, there’s no guarantee everyone paid attention.

Use the method innovated by Amazon, instead. For their meetings, the speaker first writes a document about 5-6 pages long and hands out copies of this at the beginning of the meeting. The attendees then spend half an hour to read the information and digest the data.

When it’s time to discuss, the speaker no longer has to waste time with a presentation. Everyone is on the same page — quite literally — and can discuss the intricate particulars of the document in an engaging way.

  1. Positive Reinforcement

As with children, steer clear of utilizing negative reinforcement at the workplace. This only hinders employee efficiency instead of boosting it. Prioritize employee wellness and happiness since this encourages them to do better.

Avoid crunch time and don’t force employees into rigid over-time schedules with little to no extra incentives. Remember that punishing employees will only make them want to strike or leave. It won’t inspire them to do better.

  1. Physical Rewards

Don’t hesitate to give away rewards like company pens, gadgets, or these soy candles. Simple rewards can go a long way in encouraging employees to strive harder.

This also helps advertise the company. Remember that every time someone uses a mug or bag carrying the company logo, they’re promoting the business to other people.

Boost Employee Productivity Starting Now

Why wait when you can boost employee productivity now? You don’t need expensive tools and you don’t need to renovate your office space to motivate employees. You can increase employee wellbeing and productivity through positive encouragement, better communication options, new methods of conducting meetings, and by delegating the load.

But why stop here when there’s more to discover when it comes to managing your business? To get all the tips and tricks you need, feel free to continue reading through our vast library of guides today!


5 Signs That Say It’s Time to Switch Mobile Phone Carriers

Staying loyal to your current mobile phone provider can be rewarding. But there will be instances when switching to a different carrier, if done right, can be a smarter move. Making the switch can lead you to enjoy more benefits and leave the stress you may be experiencing with your current provider.

But how will you know if it’s time to make the “move”? Here are five signs that indicate now is the time to switch mobile phone carriers:

1. Your postpaid plan will be expiring in a few weeks’ time

In case your current plan will be ending soon and you’re still not sure you want to renew it, now is the right time to weigh your options carefully.

Think about your experiences with your present plan and provider. Some of the important questions you have to answer in line with this are:

  • Are you satisfied with the network coverage or is it poor in your area and other places?
  • Have you experienced billing inconsistencies and overcharges?
  • Are you paying too much for certain services, especially ones that you don’t need or use?
  • Does your provider have friendly, helpful, and professional customer service and sales representatives?

If you always seem to have issues with your current plan and provider and you can’t seem to wait for your contract to end, then, by all means switch to another carrier.

2. Other carriers are offering great promos or additional must-have perks with their plans

When telecom providers want to get new subscribers, most of the time, they go all out in offering irresistible perks and freebies. These offers can include your choice of the latest mobile phone as well as free use of major apps, higher call and data allowances, a better reward points system, or services that allow you to receive calls for free.

If you find these perks irresistible and your current provider doesn’t offer them or will only do so if you pay more, it’s high time you consider signing up with another telecom company.

3. Other networks are offering the features you need at a lower cost

Seeing other carriers offering features and services at rates lower than what you are currently paying can feel frustrating. And you will certainly start to think that what you currently have is a bad deal.

But don’t make the decision to switch while you’re feeling hurt or cheated. Take the time to scrutinize the new plan you are interested in first.

Make sure that the package really includes all the features you are looking for and that there will be no hidden charges. Read the published fine details carefully or get in touch with the telecom company’s sales staff to get more information about what the plan covers and what it doesn’t.

Once you’ve checked everything, then make the switch.

4. You want to upgrade your phone

If your handset is in need of a replacement or you want a new model that is more suitable to your lifestyle and requirements but your current carrier doesn’t have the device you’re looking for, it’s time to go sign up with another provider.

There can be no denying the fact that you and millions of other people use the smartphone to get some work done, to stay organized, be in contact, access entertainment, etc. It is a device that you can’t really live without. As such, you need to have the best handset. If your current network provider doesn’t have the model you want, find a carrier that has it.

5. You will be traveling overseas and need a network with good quality roaming services

Lastly, if you will be going on an overseas trip and you need to stay in touch with your family, friends, and colleagues, check if your carrier has good roaming services that come at a reasonable rate.

If your current provider doesn’t have the best reviews in terms of their roaming services, it is best to sign up with another carrier first before you travel. By doing so, you will be certain you won’t have any problems getting in touch with your loved ones and co-workers back home.

Switching to another network can really be a hard decision to make. But if the benefits of switching outweigh the ones that come with remaining loyal, don’t hesitate to terminate your plan, especially if it’s near expiration or it has already expired.

Even if your current plan isn’t too expensive, you have to be sure you are getting the most from what you are paying for every month. If you’re not happy with their services, then take the leap and try a new carrier and mobile phone plan.


Azhar Abulhamayel is the Head of Marketing – National Segment and High Value at Zain KSA. The company was the first operator in the Middle East to commercially launch the 4G/LTE network. Zain serves +10M customers, has extended its network coverage to 94% of the population, and attracts thousands of new customers daily.


Take Control of Your Career with an HGV License

If you are looking to advance your career or for a complete change that you will find more interesting than your current job, it may be time to consider getting training to become a commercial HGV driver. This is very different than being able to drive personal vehicles and involves specialised training that will ensure you understand how your vehicle operates as well as how to be safe on the road when driving. In order to earn your license to transport construction equipment, chemicals, food, or other heavy items, you must be able to pass a driving test that will ensure you are able to operate your vehicle safely.

The Various Categories

When you sign up for training for HGV drivers in Bristol, you will be able to select from four different categories of licenses once you turn 18 years old. The four licenses vary in how much weight you are allowed to drive and to transport, so it’s important that you and your employer discuss what category license you need to obtain so you can be sure to take the correct training and won’t be wasting your time or money. During your driving class, you will learn about mandated breaks during the day and time off during the week to ensure you are able to drive safely and that you won’t have any accidents while on the road. Driving a heavy goods vehicle is a large responsibility, and the right class will ensure the participants are prepared for their new jobs.

Continued Education

Once you have your HGV license, you may think that you are done taking classes, but continued education is important and ensures you understand any changes in the law. This is a great way to test whether or not you understand your role as a driver, how laws impact you and your job, and the best way to make sure you are getting your goods delivered safely and on time.

Other Classes

Professionals who provide HGV driving courses will often provide other kinds of classes to ensure everyone is a safe driver. These classes may include in-vehicle training, how to keep an eye out for vulnerable people on the road, and how to maintain control of a bicycle even with hazardous road conditions.

If you are ready to take control of your career and show your employer that you are ready for more responsibility, it’s time to look into HGV classes to get your license. After you decide what class of license you need to get, you will be able to sign up for classes that will actually change your life and better your career. Knowing how to manage a heavy vehicle and how to drive safely is important for anyone with a career on the road.


Leaving School Soon? A Guide to Career Choices

The pace of the modern lifestyle affects every aspect of a person’s life, and when thinking about career choices, it pays to start early. Many young people end up wasting a few years of their life by studying subjects for a specific career, only to find out at a later stage that the work is boring and not suitable, which is why you should be thinking about your working life as early as Year 8. If you are fast approaching A-Level learning, now is the time to plan your career path, and with that in mind, here are some important points to bear in mind.

  • Find your Passion – While one must be practical, at the same time, it is important to actually enjoy your work, and by spending some time online, you can search for information about your chosen career. Ask yourself questions, like “Is there a future in this industry?”, and “Am I interested in this, or “Am I looking at the financial benefits?” Whatever you choose, start to focus on the core subjects that are required for the profession, and spend a lot of your free time reading about the industry you have chosen to enter.
  • Specific Industries – There are many advantages to choosing a very specific field, and if you are scientifically minded, there are well-paid asbestos survey jobs available, and with so many buildings that still contain this harmful substance, the future for the asbestos removal industry is looking solid. For close on 50 years, asbestos was widely used in many industries, and in the 1970s, we finally realised how harmful this natural substance is. Water treatment is another sustainable sector, as we will always require clean water, and the demand is rising, as more and more structures are built, and if you want to be sure of having the opportunity for a change of employer, it makes sense to register with an appropriate recruitment agency, and any prime positions will give you the option to move or stay where you are.
  • Career Counselling – All British schools would have career counselling, which usually begins at Year 9, and with the help and guidance of the counsellor, the young learner can make an informed decision, which should be based upon their interests. People tend to be very good at things they enjoy doing, and this is the time for trying new things, as it can be difficult to actually figure out what it is you are interested in. Your parents can help by discussing your options, and of course, they would be very supportive, regardless of your interests, and with their help and a lot of determination, there is no limit to what you can do.
  • Innovative Technology – The constant pace or rapid development means you have to keep abreast of new technology, as this often creates new industries, and if you are interested in programming, for example, there are many exciting opportunities in both the software and hardware sectors. 3D printers will soon be the norm and with the virtual world advancing, there are great openings in this field, and for those who are born into a hi-tech world, things are much easier to grasp.

Whatever the career you choose, it is important to spend time researching, and build up a picture of your intended profession, and that should include any negative aspects to the work.


Benefits if using leadership test in an organization

Whether the employee is a born leader or allocated a headship role by the organization. It is always good to analyse your leadership skills, as this is vital for the organization. Now and then organizations face different challenges. If an employee is a true leader this would be easy for you to make the decision quickly and wisely. On the other hand, if you are lacking in leadership skills at the end you will lead to the problems for you and your organization. It is better to analyse your ability and take steps to develop them in your personality. Some key points which can be accessed through leadership skills:

Candidate skills and ability

Primary goal of the leadership assessment online is to check whether the candidate is able to perform the duties as a leader or not. The leadership role has so much responsibility, as all the major decision of the team or an organization taken care by the leaders. Skills test can access employee abilities and check the performance level.

Teambuilding skills

Assessments can check whether the leader is doing work as per the requirement or not. A leader in the team always works as the mentor. It is his duty to maintain the performances level and collaboration level between the team. The employee should know how to handle the team.

Understanding of the work

A leader has to distribute the task among the tea. It is vital to have a quick understanding level. A leader can only work well if they can access the problem s easily and take the decisions to fix them. Origination growth is also depending on the decision taken by the various leaders in the organization. Assessment test can help the organization to check the problem-solving skills and decision-making skills of the employee. Cognitive ability skills can also be checked to check and improve the learning ability of the employee.

Handle difficult employee’s affectivity

This can be considered a major part of the leadership. Commonly organizations have the employee who works as per their need and requirement. However, sometime organization may have to face the difficult employee. The leader should be ready to handle such things. Leadership test can check the abilities to handle the difficult situation in the employee. By doing this organization can decrease the chances of wrong selection.

Retention of employee

A Good leader can make sure retention of the team member. If you are working in a team and your team leader is not providing your resources and assistance that it would be difficult to work in such conditions. The organization should need to check the team handling of the employees. It is important to incorporate the employee engagement, only than company can retain the employee.

Any business with the help of various leadership assessment programs can get the appropriate, ambitious manager that comes with complete management skills and also has the capability to face various corporate challenges too. As the leader is the only one who can provide support is also counted as a vital aid to the attainment of the team. Hence, conducting such tests or training programs should be adopted by all the companies with a size no bar to obtaining their ultimate goal.


Protect Your Company with Pre-Employment Screenings

Finding the perfect candidate for your job is almost a dream come true but before you extend an offer, it’s important to take the time to perform a pre-employment screening. No matter how great someone may seen, it’s not worth assuming the risk of hiring someone without knowing his or her background. It is possible to perform these screenings during the hiring process without making the candidate feel nervous or concerned about them. In fact, they can be streamlined into the hiring process so that the whole experience is professional for everyone involved.

Protect Your Business

Performing a pre-employment screening on a potential employee doesn’t just allow you to see his or her background. It can also prevent you from hiring someone who may cause risk to your company. Everyone that you hire can pose risk to your business but it is up to you to try to mitigate that risk. Employees can negatively affect your bottom line by damaging your reputation, stealing from the business, or causing property damage to the equipment or building.

It’s up to the owner and hiring director to try to weed out anyone who poses too large a risk to the business. With stats about bad hires including that up to a third of applicants in Asia Pacific included discrepancies on their applications, the importance of pre-employment screening in Hong Kong cannot be overstated.

What You Will Learn

While there can be some variance in what a background check shows, the results typically include credit history, past employment, and criminal history. Driving records are also usually disclosed and this information is very important if the applicant will be operating a motor vehicle for the company. More than anything, pre-employment screenings will simply give employers the information needed to decide if a candidate is the right fit for the company.

Increase Applicant Quality

One of the hidden perks of performing pre-employment screenings on applicants is that you will find you have better-quality applicants applying for jobs with your business. Fewer people with problems in their pasts will bother to apply since they know that they will be weeded out during the pre-employment screenings. In addition, applicants who want a safe environment to work in where they know that the other employees aren’t dangerous or make poor decisions will be more likely to apply.

You’ll be able to have your pick of better applicants when you do background checks and pre-employment screenings on your applicants. There’s no reason to waste your time with applicants who have had issues in the past and may try to hide discrepancies on their applications.

Performing pre-employment screenings may seem to be just one more step that is standing between you and finding the perfect hire for your job but this check into an applicant’s background will keep you and your company safe as well as keep other employees happy. Lower the risk of violence and loss in your business and enjoy pulling great applicants from your pool when you implement these checks. The negative actions of your employees will reflect poorly on your company. You can reduce this bad publicity by only hiring staff who pass your pre-employment checks.


The Proven Benefits of Ergonomics

The majority of reported work injuries are due to poor manual handling and there are a number of ways that modern companies are working to reduce worker’s compensation claims and health care costs throughout the year. If you truly want to find success and see growth in the future of your company, focusing on increased productivity today should be one of your most important priorities. Not only will this improve product quality but it should increase employee engagement, improve employee retention, and make it possible for you to reach new heights in annual sales.

Leading companies have now begun to integrate ergonomic training deeply into their operations on all levels and these companies are seeing real, quantifiable results for their efforts. The investment into this type of support is not only cost-effective in its own right but you should see that investment quickly returned in the form of less capital lost to worker’s compensation claims. By the time you complete the training for all employees, it should be rather simple to reach your goals and then to push them even further as you continue to grow more successful.

Reduce Cost

Work Active is one option that can help you to reduce annual costs by a significant margin, even with half of this year already in the past. By systematically reducing ergonomic risk factors, you may help to prevent the majority of costly MSDs. Approximately $1 of every $3 in workers compensation is attributed to MSDs, meaning that you stand to save a dramatic amount in the long run simply by avoiding this cost. Indirect costs can total as much as 20 times the direct cost of an injury, including medication, rehabilitation, and other long-term treatment options, and reducing these can do a great deal for your company.


Employee engagement is improved every single time that you show your employees that you are willing to invest in their safety and security when working for your company. Not only will this encourage loyalty in your employees but they will be more likely to arrive on time, work harder and longer, and stay with your company for longer periods of time. A great ergonomics course can help to teach the proper posture, reduce exertion, reduce motion, increase height and reach, and much more, improving the quality of life within your company at all times.


Employees who practice poor ergonomics are often more frustrated and fatigued after a long day or week of working and this can dramatically impact the quality of your products or services. An ergonomic training course is fast, effective, and highly useful, allowing you to reduce the amount of effort taken to perform the same work. No matter what it is that you have done in your company property, employees who are less tired and more engaged are also more likely to produce quality work.

At the end of the day, you benefit the most from employees who care about their work and know how to properly reduce the risk of an injury. In addition, mandating such training for all employees will significantly reduce your risk of liability in certain situations, such as an employee purposefully going against training and then receiving an injury. The money saved with this investment will more than return it, leaving you with profit earned in the long run.


What Should You Do When You Are Looking For An Interior Design Job

Interior designers are in high demand in Malaysia. There are lots of businesses which need to have their interiors improved so that employees feel like they are working in a nice environment, and business clients have a good impression of the company they are being served by.

Interior decorators are also in high demand because there are many wealthy expats and locals who want their homes to look as stylish as possible without having to wait a long time.

If you are hunting for a job in interior design, you should sign up for a job site. This is much better than ringing up businesses or posting job adverts in papers hoping that someone will want to take a look at your portfolio.

What should you do when you are looking for an interior design job?

Upload Your Portfolio To A Job Site

People want to be able to see how good you are at the interior design before they think about taking you on and paying you. This is why signing up for a job site is so useful, because you will be able to attach samples of your work to your profile.

Interior designers who include a portfolio link or some samples are much more likely to find an interior design job in Malaysia than designers who do not offer any evidence of their skills.

Narrow Down Your Search On A Job Site

Many interior designers choose to specialise in either commercial or private decorating. You do not have to scroll through hundreds and hundreds of jobs that do not match your skill set. Instead, you can change the filters when you are searching on the job site.

This increases the likelihood that you are going to find the job that you really want. You can change the parameters of your search at any time to reflect your changing skillset.

Set Your Wage Expectations On A Job Site

Because interior designers are in such high demand in Malaysia, it is important to remember that you should price yourself accordingly. You can set a filter on a job site to remove jobs which are advertised for under a certain wage.

Then you will be guaranteed of only getting the jobs that you think are worth your time.

Bookmark Jobs

When you are busy with a project, you might not always have time to look at another interior design job in great detail. Instead of losing your place on job sites and never find a job again, you can bookmark the kinds of jobs that you will want to apply for in the future.

This will allow you to study the jobs again and decide whether they are really right for you. In some cases, you might find that you bookmarked a commercial job when you really want to find a job that works with private homeowners.

There are lots of reasons why you should apply fora interior design jobs through a website.


How to Hire the Best Employees

As a business owner, you should know the importance of hiring good employees. Your workforce is the backbone of your business, and if the backbone is strong, your business will thrive. However, if your employees are unmotivated, unwilling to collaborate, and unqualified for their jobs, your business will not create as much revenue as it should.

Business owners like you are turning to talent recruiters because finding talent on your own is hard. Partnering with an agency that has plenty of resources at their disposal can be a great way to find the talented, qualified individuals you need to make your business thrive.

Recruitment agencies in Kent are not hard to find, and partnering with an agency might be very valuable for your business.

How a Talent Agency Works

People looking for work can submit their CVs to a talent agency in hopes of being matched with a company who is looking for a person with relevant experience and skills. When the talent agency finds a match, they will notify both the person applying for positions and the company they have been matched with.

As a result, business owners can find talented individuals that are qualified, experienced, and talented. As a business owner, you can partner with a talent recruiter to find talent that can fill your empty roles. Depending on the agency’s policy, you might have to pay a subscription fee, or pay them each time you successfully hire someone.

Some Benefits

Working with a talent recruiter to find qualified individuals is very beneficial in several ways. For example, as a business owner, your company will only get matched with individuals who are qualified, so you won’t waste time interviewing people who aren’t right for the job.

Because talent agencies have a large pool of applicants, you can pick the perfect candidates for the job whenever you’re ready. It’s much easier to find people through an agency than on your own.