5 Great Ways to Enhance Employee Productivity

Employee Productivity

It’s no secret that employee productivity is a crucial aspect of success.

Employees are the backbone of the company and without their labor, a business can and will collapse. Complications, such as those brought on by the ongoing pandemic, can lead to an expedited closure.

Of course, boosting employee productivity is easier said than done. The good news is we’ve got five efficient methods right here for you to try out. Continue reading to learn more:

  1. Boost Communication

Did you know a large chunk of people’s time at work goes to checking their email? In the worst-case scenarios, employees spend up to five hours.

Workaround this by making communication at the workplace smoother, faster, and more efficient. Don’t rely solely on email. Use tools like Slack or Discord to give employees a free space to communicate while also segregating topics into different channels.

A productive workplace is a loud one, where people share information to get the job done efficiently and on time.

  1. Delegate Tasks

The more tasks one employee has to finish, the less likely they’ll get it all done in time. Split the workload and learn to delegate tasks to others. Split the tasks according to employee skills and potential.

Delegating tasks, using OKR, simplifies work and allows employees to focus on different goals. By applying the OKR framework, each task is aligned with specific objectives, ensuring that all efforts are strategically focused.

At the end of the day, these individual goals, structured and measured through the OKR methodology, all work towards the completion of one project. This approach not only streamlines task delegation but also ensures coherence and alignment with the overarching objectives of the project.

  1. Rework Meetings

Have you ever considered altering how you conduct meetings?

Most companies hold traditional meetings: you walk into a room and a speaker uses a PowerPoint presentation to disseminate information. However, there’s no guarantee everyone paid attention.

Use the method innovated by Amazon, instead. For their meetings, the speaker first writes a document about 5-6 pages long and hands out copies of this at the beginning of the meeting. The attendees then spend half an hour to read the information and digest the data.

When it’s time to discuss, the speaker no longer has to waste time with a presentation. Everyone is on the same page — quite literally — and can discuss the intricate particulars of the document in an engaging way.

  1. Positive Reinforcement

As with children, steer clear of utilizing negative reinforcement at the workplace. This only hinders employee efficiency instead of boosting it. Prioritize employee wellness and happiness since this encourages them to do better.

Avoid crunch time and don’t force employees into rigid over-time schedules with little to no extra incentives. Remember that punishing employees will only make them want to strike or leave. It won’t inspire them to do better.

  1. Physical Rewards

Don’t hesitate to give away rewards like company pens, gadgets, or these soy candles. Simple rewards can go a long way in encouraging employees to strive harder.

This also helps advertise the company. Remember that every time someone uses a mug or bag carrying the company logo, they’re promoting the business to other people.

Boost Employee Productivity Starting Now

Why wait when you can boost employee productivity now? You don’t need expensive tools and you don’t need to renovate your office space to motivate employees. You can increase employee wellbeing and productivity through positive encouragement, better communication options, new methods of conducting meetings, and by delegating the load.

But why stop here when there’s more to discover when it comes to managing your business? To get all the tips and tricks you need, feel free to continue reading through our vast library of guides today!