Why you need custom printed tape for your business


Custom printed tape is a product that offers many benefits for companies that are using them. Not only will customers notice your brand more visibly and look more professional, it will even help reduce rates of pampering and pilferage. Once you get all of your business operations in place and start bringing in a profit, it is good to look at ways to grow your business and look into different products and services to help you strengthen your branding.

With custom printed packaging tape, there are opportunities to do so. Think about the first impression customers have when they receive your shipment. Is it a positive and memorable one? Or is it bland and boring where customers won’t remember? The fact is when people get an experience that is out of the ordinary, they will share it with their friends and family.

Think about the billions of packages being sent around the world every year. Wouldn’t you want yours to stand out from the pack? When done right, you can really make your packing tape help you with your overall marketing strategy. In addition, depending on the types of products you plan on shipping, there are messages you can add to the tape to warn shippers of fragile items for example. Also depending on the industry companies are competing in, the environment the tape will be sealed and the amount of product in each box will give you a better understanding on the type of tape you need.

There are four kinds of tape possible to print on. The most commonly used oneis polypropylene because of its affordability and its ability to take care of most jobs. The only thing to watch out for with polypro is the fact that if a box is made of recycled materials, it is less likely going to stick and stay stuck.

PVC is the most expensive tape on the market due to the adhesive made up of a natural rubber and the film is made from a hard vinyl. It is less disturbed by dusty environments and binds really well if ever the box is overstuffed.

Acrylic is best used for application in cold or freezer temperatures. Be advised that the print cannot be placed on the film therefore it would need to be on the adhesive. By doing so, it will remove the adhesive for where the print is found. Once the tape is applied, it sticks best within 24 hours.

Gummed or kraft tape is another great option but application is slightly complicated since the adhesive needs to be activated with water. Otherwise is it a great option for all companies since it is a product that can be recycled with the box and will stay fused onto the box once the adhesive is dried.