What Are Some Interview Hacks to Really Impress Interviewers?


Because employers and hiring managers often see a multitude of candidates, you want to do your best to stand out. No matter if you’re interviewing with financial recruiters in Chicago or marketing companies in Denver, there are a few hacks Beacon Resources would like to share for standing out and displaying your best self.

Refamiliarize Yourself With Your Professional Background

Because hiring managers are likely to ask you to tell them about yourself, it’s a good idea to look over your resume to remind yourself of your professional accomplishments and experiences. Depending on how far you are in your career, you may have forgotten some of your highlights. Specifically, think back on accomplishments and lessons you learned.

Eat and Drink Right Beforehand

Eating a healthy meal and drinking a glass of water will help fuel your mind to allow you to interview at your best. While you might want to have a cup of coffee before your interview to perk up, know that you risk drying out your mouth and spending some time in the company bathroom at the most inconvenient time. Remember, coffee is a diuretic.

Have a Conversation

Rather than sit back and let the recruiter ask all the questions, the interview is sure to go better if you work on having an actual dialogue. You want to know if the company is a good match for you and your career goals just as much as they want to know if you’re a good match for them. Try to ask questions and truly engage rather than just spit out answers.

Be Polite to Everyone You Meet

While asking yourself “is there a local recruiter near me,” be sure you pack your manners on your way to your upcoming interview. Giving a smile and displaying politeness to everyone at the company, not just the recruiter, can help you to stand out and be remembered.

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