Online Shopping 101: Things to Consider When Shopping Online

Shopping Online

Shopping online is one of the most favorite pastimes of everyone, whether you’re just lurking around or wanted to buy a product.  But the most exciting part is the bargains and cheap prices that can be found and being able to purchase the product which is not available locally. For other people, online shopping is a convenient way to shop from the comfort of home at any time of the day, or even at night.

Some people preferred to purchase hard to find products from overseas websites, and some decided to keep their shopping money inside their country. But regardless of the motives, there are some things you must consider when shopping online.

Things to Consider #1: Know the Seller

As a buyer, it’s your job to check if the seller is legit or not. Try to consider the following important details:

  • Reviews: Read previous customer reviews about the sellers and its products, check if they had excellent shopping experiences or issues with the seller or the product.
  • Ratings: When buying from an auction site, know the seller’s rating to make sure that they are a good seller and check how long they have been in the business.
  • Credibility: Check their online presence, their overall impression after searching them online and stalking out their social media pages.

With just a few minutes of research, it’ll give you the feel if this seller is worth the buy.

Things to Consider #2: Check Who’s Accountable for Lost Damaged Products

No matter how careful a seller is, they will be a scenario where things get damaged or go missing during the transit. That’s why if the seller offers a tracking method and insurance option, it is best to accept this offer. Doing this will allow you to track the movement and status of your package, or if the package gets lost or damaged during the transit.

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Things to Consider #3: Custom Tax, Imports, and Other Charges 

Some countries may require you to pay duties, taxes, and processing charges on goods. That’s why as a buyer you should be aware to know who is responsible for these charges. Usually, the buyer will be responsible for all the charges that may arise regarding custom tax, import fees, and so on.

Aside from that, some seller required their buyers to shoulder all the shipping cost and international additional fees but some seller also treat their buyers if they reach a minimum required purchases to avail their free shipping promos, regardless if locally or overseas shipment.

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The Bottom Line

Shopping online is fun and exciting and comes with several benefits and advantages. But, there are scenarios which may arise unexpectedly. So, always do simple research regarding who you will be buying from, make some inquiries, and always check the reviews and seller’s product rate. Doing the following mentioned above will ensure that your online shopping experience is successful and fun. Furthermore, read this article mercari to get more information about online shopping for quality things.