Marketing Automation Software – Where to Start


This term refers to software, the purpose of which is the implementation of marketing activities. Such software, when properly applied, nurtures leads through personalized content, turning them into loyal customers.

Where to Start?

First, make sure that you and your team are ready to move the operations into the automation sphere. The following four steps will help you to choose what marketing automation software your company needs:

  1. Understand what you need and what your goals are the most important.
  2. Conduct your own research and collect more info about large and small players in the software market.
  3. Take advantage of the free trial, and before investing money, you will understand how this or that tool works, what you can or cannot do with it.
  4. Contact a developer team and ask all your questions.

After that, you can decide if that particular system is enough good for you and your company. Here you can read more about how marketing automation software influences the company’s success.

bpm’online image2

Often customers spend a lot of time on the website but eventually leave the selected goods “abandoned” in the shopping basket. In order not to lose a single potential customer, the bpm’online system monitors the actions of visitors on the site and helps to identify their needs, interests and requirements. It can even send a trigger letter or launch a series of communications to remind about previously selected products.

With bpm’online marketing automation software you can easily manage events, send bulk emails, segment your customer database, launch marketing campaigns, etc. Working in a single window of bpm’online system, you can not only get or fix the necessary information but also offer to the customer the optimal product based on his purchase history, views, communications and other factors.


NetSuite is a powerful cloud platform for business management and marketing automation. It is an online solution that includes enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), and e-commerce. NetSuite also features project and resource management, project accounting, scheduling and cost management.

In addition, NetSuite contains interactive business intelligence tools that allow you to make the most efficient decisions. NetSuite CRM systems has sales management modules, tools to deliver after-sales service, SuiteFlex package for quick customization of the system to your requirements, and much more. It possesses one of the best functionalities in the industry for managing capabilities and forecasting.


Mailing list as an important marketing tool, and it is needed for an effective advertising or product/resource promotion.

MailChimp is a service from the field of email-marketing with an advanced system, decent features and mobile applications. In addition to sending newsletters, the service also provides statistics on the delivery and open-rate of emails, as well as on the click-through rate.

There are numerous ready-made convenient solutions for integrating the capabilities of this email service into the third-party SaaS platforms.

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