What are Arcade Games and Where Can I hire them for an Event


Classic and vintage arcade games covers a wide range of mechanical and electronic fun past times which were made popular in places such as amusement parks and street arcades. Pinball machines, air hockey, shooting galleries, car racing simulators, table football and even those first generation videogames all qualify nowadays as vintage arcade games. Some vintage arcade games have been renovated and used in people’s homes or offices, while others are kept and prized more for their nostalgia or cool aesthetics than their gameplay. You may even find that a few are still in active use in some corners of the world with an arcade.

Some of these vintage arcade games aren’t really what you’d call games at all, but more like novelty toys. Things such as fortune reading machines featured early animated electronics and dropped out a printed fortune card as the mechanical gypsy blinked and moved while moving her head and hands. Other types of machine tested people’s strength or how hard you could hit an object with a mallet.

Other Kinds of Games

Other classic arcade games gave you the choice of duplicating the actions of sports such as golf, bowling or shooting. In bowling, the player would slide a metal puck down a simulated bowling alley and knock down pins through its contact with sensors hidden below the pins. Golf games were usually somewhat more mechanical, and allowed a player to manoeuvre their putting stances and knock a ball bearing into holes. Other classic arcade games would allow players to control boxers fighting in a ring or race horses around a track. Many of these kinds of fun games can be easily be hired as corporate entertainment, from professional event management services.

Probably the most well-known classic arcade and pub game out there are the mighty table football games. These are still found in some settings and have been a source of fascination for players and collectors alike. The reason why it still holds its charm is probably due to it being able to offer two to four players playing at the same time. Plus it’s a football game, say no more. Many of these machines survived the ups and downs of the general public’s interest right up until the first generation of arcade video games. As a matter of fact, a lot of the video games which replaced certain machines are now currently considered to be classic arcade games themselves!

Classic Video Arcade Games

For those who can remember, first and second generation video games with names like Pong, Space Invaders, Galaxian, Pac-Man, and Galaga are believe it or not, now highly-prized classic arcade games. A lot of collectors from those times remember playing these arcade games as teenagers or young adults. And even though most of these first and second generation video games are available for home game systems, some avid collectors and enthusiasts still enjoy the feel and nostalgia which surrounds the original arcade games from their youth.

That’s entertainment!