How to Choose in a Trailer for Livestock


If you are a farmer or rancher, you simply cannot go any distance without a trailer for your livestock. This type of product is also used by animal lovers, especially breeders of horses. People also buy trailers to showcase animals at certain show events. Therefore, this practical conveyance must be designed so that the user receives the full benefits.

What Are the Trailer’s Features?

Naturally, then, the type of trailer that you select will depend on the type of livestock you want to transport. Buyers normally purchase a trailer based on its overall efficiency, as well as how much comfort it will provide. Different livestock require varying amenities in this respect. Some of these benefits include a larger capacity or specialised on-boarding ramps. A trailer’s weight will also influence whether it will need to be towed by a heavy-duty truck or a lighter type of vehicle.

What to Seek in a Horse Trailer

For example, if you considering a trailer for transporting a horse, it should be specially designed to carry heavy livestock, whether they are cattle or horses. The length of the trailer should run between 2.5 metres and 5 metres. These types of trailers can feature either a standard or combination ramp.

Aluminium Trailers

You can also choose a livestock trailer made of aluminium. This particular model regularly features a kerb-side escape door for use in emergencies. Trailers made of aluminium also come with watertight wiring and LED lights that wrap around the conveyance for enhanced animal safety. A centre gate opens in its entirety for simple loading and unloading. In addition, these types of trailers come with a skid-free tread-plate floor that is made of aluminium.

Stock Trailers

A stock trailer is made to haul livestock over more precipitous and rugged landscapes. This particular type of trailer features a double deck and an all-aluminium body. Both of the decks feature street-side escape doors. The floor is made with a resilient and thick rubber matting.

Trailer Models

Models of trailers come in top tier, middle class, and entry-level designs. So, if you are seeking a trailer, you need to pare down your choices according to the model type you desire. For example, if your budget only extends to entry-level models, then limit your search to these types of trailers.

Top Tier Models

Hopefully, you can afford a top tier trailer, as these models are premium livestock trailers. Top tier constructions are made of hard anodised aluminium that is both durable and resistant to corrosion. The hinges and doors are heavy-duty, thereby securing livestock for drives over rough and rocky terrains.

These trailers also feature extensions where the floor, walls, and frame of the trailers are seamlessly integrated together. The trailer’s wires are safeguarded with junction and conduit boxes that contain brake wiring at each axle as well.

Middle Class Models

Middle class models represent the type of trailer that is most often selected in the UK. Most of the trailers in this category are made of steel. However, make sure that the steel is galvanised to prevent any problems with rust.

Entry-level Models

If you are just starting out in farming or ranching, then an entry-level trailer will most likely do. Many of these trailers feature middle class amenities, so they can prove to be a good buy for entrepreneurs or people who show animals regularly.