Review desktop vacuum thermoforming machine SMARTFORM 450

Desktop Vacuum Thermoforming Machine SMARTFORM 450

The SMARTFORM 450 desktop vacuum forming machine is a compact and functional vacuum former. The machine was designed based on our company’s extensive experience in forming small parts. We have tried to maintain industrial reliability and capabilities. It is easy toforming even absolute novice on the equipment, and the list of manufacture dproducts surprises even professionals.

SMARTFORM 450 is excellent suit for:

  • companies producing outdoor advertising;
  • architectural companies;
  • educational institutions;
  • companies providing prototyping services;
  • industrial companies;
  • anyone who creates small products.

Today SMARTFORM 450 is the best among competitors in its technical characteristics. The working area of the machine is 450 * 450 mm, and the maximum forming depth reaches 200 mm. The thickness of the plastic for forming can be up to 5-6 mm. All machine components are mathematically designed for long-term non-stop work and are ready to withstand heavy loads. The desktop vacuum former provides basic options from industrial versions of equipment. Pre-stretching of the plastic is available to reduce wall thickness variation. Equipped with ventilation form for easy removal of products from form. The industrial heater is based on quartz infrared heaters. User can adjust the power of different zones. The powerful vacuum system makes it easy to forming even plastic that has not fully transformed the state of thermoplastic. Devices are installed to protect against electric shock. Equipped with a dimmer to protect the operator from electric shock and external protection from hot areas of the machine.

Vacuum forming machine SMARTFORM 450 has a steel table for clamping of form. The process of fixing and removing the form is very easy. Previously, on the basis of the form, it is necessary to fix several neodymium magnets with a clearance of 1 mm, and then simply put the form on the table. Also, fastening of forms using bolted connections and equipment is available. The equipment has an optimal power of 5 kW and can be connected to a 220 V. Warranty 12 months.