The Proven Benefits of Ergonomics


The majority of reported work injuries are due to poor manual handling and there are a number of ways that modern companies are working to reduce worker’s compensation claims and health care costs throughout the year. If you truly want to find success and see growth in the future of your company, focusing on increased productivity today should be one of your most important priorities. Not only will this improve product quality but it should increase employee engagement, improve employee retention, and make it possible for you to reach new heights in annual sales.

Leading companies have now begun to integrate ergonomic training deeply into their operations on all levels and these companies are seeing real, quantifiable results for their efforts. The investment into this type of support is not only cost-effective in its own right but you should see that investment quickly returned in the form of less capital lost to worker’s compensation claims. By the time you complete the training for all employees, it should be rather simple to reach your goals and then to push them even further as you continue to grow more successful.

Reduce Cost

Work Active is one option that can help you to reduce annual costs by a significant margin, even with half of this year already in the past. By systematically reducing ergonomic risk factors, you may help to prevent the majority of costly MSDs. Approximately $1 of every $3 in workers compensation is attributed to MSDs, meaning that you stand to save a dramatic amount in the long run simply by avoiding this cost. Indirect costs can total as much as 20 times the direct cost of an injury, including medication, rehabilitation, and other long-term treatment options, and reducing these can do a great deal for your company.


Employee engagement is improved every single time that you show your employees that you are willing to invest in their safety and security when working for your company. Not only will this encourage loyalty in your employees but they will be more likely to arrive on time, work harder and longer, and stay with your company for longer periods of time. A great ergonomics course can help to teach the proper posture, reduce exertion, reduce motion, increase height and reach, and much more, improving the quality of life within your company at all times.


Employees who practice poor ergonomics are often more frustrated and fatigued after a long day or week of working and this can dramatically impact the quality of your products or services. An ergonomic training course is fast, effective, and highly useful, allowing you to reduce the amount of effort taken to perform the same work. No matter what it is that you have done in your company property, employees who are less tired and more engaged are also more likely to produce quality work.

At the end of the day, you benefit the most from employees who care about their work and know how to properly reduce the risk of an injury. In addition, mandating such training for all employees will significantly reduce your risk of liability in certain situations, such as an employee purposefully going against training and then receiving an injury. The money saved with this investment will more than return it, leaving you with profit earned in the long run.