Protect Your Company with Pre-Employment Screenings


Finding the perfect candidate for your job is almost a dream come true but before you extend an offer, it’s important to take the time to perform a pre-employment screening. No matter how great someone may seen, it’s not worth assuming the risk of hiring someone without knowing his or her background. It is possible to perform these screenings during the hiring process without making the candidate feel nervous or concerned about them. In fact, they can be streamlined into the hiring process so that the whole experience is professional for everyone involved.

Protect Your Business

Performing a pre-employment screening on a potential employee doesn’t just allow you to see his or her background. It can also prevent you from hiring someone who may cause risk to your company. Everyone that you hire can pose risk to your business but it is up to you to try to mitigate that risk. Employees can negatively affect your bottom line by damaging your reputation, stealing from the business, or causing property damage to the equipment or building.

It’s up to the owner and hiring director to try to weed out anyone who poses too large a risk to the business. With stats about bad hires including that up to a third of applicants in Asia Pacific included discrepancies on their applications, the importance of pre-employment screening in Hong Kong cannot be overstated.

What You Will Learn

While there can be some variance in what a background check shows, the results typically include credit history, past employment, and criminal history. Driving records are also usually disclosed and this information is very important if the applicant will be operating a motor vehicle for the company. More than anything, pre-employment screenings will simply give employers the information needed to decide if a candidate is the right fit for the company.

Increase Applicant Quality

One of the hidden perks of performing pre-employment screenings on applicants is that you will find you have better-quality applicants applying for jobs with your business. Fewer people with problems in their pasts will bother to apply since they know that they will be weeded out during the pre-employment screenings. In addition, applicants who want a safe environment to work in where they know that the other employees aren’t dangerous or make poor decisions will be more likely to apply.

You’ll be able to have your pick of better applicants when you do background checks and pre-employment screenings on your applicants. There’s no reason to waste your time with applicants who have had issues in the past and may try to hide discrepancies on their applications.

Performing pre-employment screenings may seem to be just one more step that is standing between you and finding the perfect hire for your job but this check into an applicant’s background will keep you and your company safe as well as keep other employees happy. Lower the risk of violence and loss in your business and enjoy pulling great applicants from your pool when you implement these checks. The negative actions of your employees will reflect poorly on your company. You can reduce this bad publicity by only hiring staff who pass your pre-employment checks.