How Scrum Certification Can Further your Career


If you are a software developer, you will already have heard the term “Scrum” and may even be quite knowledgeable on the topic, and with a proven history of enabling software development teams to improve productivity and efficiency, it makes sense to take on some Scrum training. The Scrum framework is recognised worldwide, as is its certification, and if you are prepared to enlist in a few training courses, the certification could lead to exciting new job prospects.

Accredited Trainers

If you happen to live in NSW and want to obtain Scrum Certification, there is an organisation called Scrum On, who are accredited trainers for the Scrum training course, and with experienced trainers and small classes, you will soon gain the necessary certification to become a ScrumMaster. They offer a range of 2 and 3 day courses designed to develop specific skills using the Scrum framework to solve real life issues within a software development project.

Scrum Development

Scrum methodology uses a series of sprints to break down a project, with each sprint lasting from 2 weeks to one month, and at the beginning of each sprint, the team come together for a meeting, during which, it is decided who will do what and a list of essential tasks is drawn up. The end result is coded and tested functionality and this is then integrated into the main project.

Daily Meetings

During the sprint, there would be daily meetings in the morning, where each member talks about the tasks they have completed and what they intend to do on that day. This meeting would last no longer than 15 minutes and is designed to help team members focus on immediate tasks.

Professional Guidance

If you have a team of software developers who have already had Scrum training, there are specialist training companies who can supply experienced ScrumMasters who can guide your team through the first few projects, giving them valuable hands-on experience working with the Scrum framework. One such organisation is Scrum On, a leading trainer in Australia who offers the entire range of training courses at affordable prices.

Career Opportunities

As a software developer, if you have the full range of Scrum certificates, your prospects will look bright, and with a worldwide demand for Scrum Developers, you can even consider becoming an expat. It might be that your employer would be prepared to support your training, as they would obviously benefit directly from having Scrum certified employees on their books.

This is a working system that was developed in the early 2000s and with continued development, the Scrum framework has become an integral model for modern software development, and with the Product Owner (PO) also being represented, the needs of the client are always at the forefront of the work.

Online training organisations allow any developer to join the millions of others who have undergone Scrum training, and with recognised certification, your career is likely to take a turn for the better.