What Is The Process For Documents To Be Scanned And Stored Digitally?

Filing cabinet with a single yellow folder in an open drawer

When you are running an office, the last thing that you want to deal with is a large amount of clutter. Some of this clutter will be old electronic equipment which is no longer in use. However, most of the unnecessary clutter will be paperwork that is stored inside desks or in filing cabinets which are bursting at the seams.

There are several problems that can arise when your files are not stored properly. Firstly, it might be very hard for you and your employees to find the information that you need. These files will need bulky cabinets that can take up a lot of space, which makes walking around the office quite difficult.

Storing your files in paper form can be risky because they might get stolen if someone breaks into the building. This could compromise the security of your company and any clients who happened to have information stolen. The paper files could also be damaged irreversibly if there is a flood or a fire.

You need to think about hiring a professional document scanning company to create digital copies. This can be a time-consuming process for you because you would rather concentrate on running your business and making it as profitable and streamlined as possible. You can hire a specialist company to scan and digitalize all of the documents that you have. What is the process that these types of companies use?

The Documents Are Collected From Your Workplace

The first step of the process is that the documents are collected from your workplace by the company. They will make sure that all of the documents are stored properly in containers before they load them into the back of the van. Then the documents are transported to the scanning company headquarters for the next phase of the process.

The Documents Are Prepared For Scanning

The scanning company will then remove all the staples and paper clips from the documents because this will interfere with the scanning process. You will not have to do this yourself. Then the documents will be completely flattened out using specialist machines. This ensures that the scanning will be completely clear and that you will not end up with files that contain blurred images. Once the documents have been prepared for scanning, then the next phase of the process can begin.

The Documents Are Scanned

The documents are then scanned using the latest scanning technology. The scanners are regularly inspected to make sure that they are working. This ensures that the finished documents will be extremely high-quality and there will be absolutely no mistakes.

The Files Are Loaded Onto A Hard Drive

Once the documents have been scanned, the digital files can then be loaded onto a hard drive. The storage size of the hard drive will depend on the size of the files.

The Files Are Delivered

The files are then delivered and the paperwork can be shredded or given back to you.

You should consider using a document digitalization service.