How can visitor management systems be useful for Government offices



Nowadays, government work and political offices require high security as they deal with sensitive information. Many confidential documents and information are kept under supervision. People carrying these information are to be enrolled & verified before allowing them to enter the offices. Therefore identification of each trespasser becomes very important.

Deploying a high security personnel outside government offices or organizations is not enough to track visitors and restrict unverifed ones. Hence, installing a full-fledged automated visitor management system becomes a necessity for the authorities. It will not only restrict unverified intruders but also improve over-all security inside the premises. A visitor management system software gives a professional check-in system that is simple to use & improves efficiency of attending guests without any formation of queue and safeguards visitor information for later use. The number of visitors tracked on visitor management system can be tracked at any given time by the authorized person of the concerned office. When any guest arrives at a government organization office equipped with visitor management system that stores all the required information, prints personalized badges & allows the guests to acknowledge legal documents via digital signature on the tablet itself. The authorities on the other end can access admin dashboard and notice visitor patterns, certain customer trends and also drive meaningful insights.

Some of the benefits of installing visitor management system at government offices or agencies are as follows :-

  • Track visitors and prevents unauthorized access:- A government office equipped with visitor access control system is capable of enrolling every guest digitally on a compact tablet attached to the system. Everyone trespassing the entrance gate is required to fill important details required by the authorities and record these details for future use.
  • Quick and easy sign-in:- Whenever we visit a government office or a corporate building we encounter long queue at the entrance area that is due to slow processing or manual screening of visitors. Installing visitor management system will ensure that there is no formation of a queue at the reception and guest check-in is streamlined effortlessly.
  • Secure identification:- Every person screened on visitor management system is verified at the entrance gate by a full-fledged visitor management system. In this way, everyone inside the premises can be tracked and verified by identifying the check-in information or just taking a look at the visitor’s badge.
  • Reliable data access:- The data provided by the customers at the time of registration is very important to gain insights and improve in future. This data is secured safely in the database and be checked easily with ease of touch by the authorized person on his admin dashboard portal.
  • Tighten security:- Visitor management solutions provide overall safety to the office premises and staff working in it. It restricts the entry of unverified trespassers and complete strangers who are a potential threat to security management.

Government offices or agencies should not be restricted to old conventional methods of tracking and managing visitors on paperlogs and registers, instead they should rely on a modern, quick and highly customisable visitor management system for smooth and streamlined operation.