Global B2B marketplace for International trade: we connect your business with the world


International Trade / Import and Export complemented by support at the level of Business and Marketing consulting that allows a reliable service at a reduced cost. These services are committed to providing our customers and business partners with all the support to create synergies that result in high-quality export, import, business consulting and marketing. It is crucial for retaining customers and suppliers for the long-term as well as all stakeholders to create more and better business opportunities. Term import and export used to describe the trading of goods and services across the borders. Global trade by using internet channels is challenging task over the digital market. Exporting can be tricky across the borders. Although digital marketplace ha connect the whole world, but it is essential to identify the business perspectives over the other region. These services can be availed by connecting business with a different online portal to apply the appropriate strategy to sell the products across the borders. These services are invaluable, low cost and create a higher return for the business.

The more business is productive and profitable the greater the opportunities for Global Traders to grow. With this in mind, companies tend to approach International Trade/export and import of goods and services as a joint challenge based on transparency and information sharing. Development of Global B2B marketplace of import and export are relatively recent in the corporate culture. However, we can already find several firms that have used this methodology to gain customers or consolidate those they already contain. These leading firms include big names such as American Express and Volvo. In this regard, American Express launched a platform that focuses on the advice of SMEs and an internal network for users with small businesses to advise each other. The increase in visits has served to consolidate their business in that niche market.

Conversely, Volvo is the Swedish automotive giant that carried out a campaign to promote its range of trucks focused on companies and the self-employed. They have launched a series of audiovisual content with the image that achieved an impact of more than 100 million views of future purchase intention, of almost 50% of truck drivers. However, it is not essential for the companies to get benefits from B2B services.

Development of B2B marketplace for import and export is the ability to invest in developing several network projects since the market share is considerably lower than that existing in B2C, where sales are directed to the end customers. The creation of web portals of services for companies has become a necessity to expand the business areas and be able to strengthen commercial relations of the B2B type that has support for global B2B marketplace for import and export. On the other hand, the complementarity between B2B and B2C, states that both parts of the business are allied with each other. In other words, the same company or business can carry out actions of both types, in a parallel or sequential manner.