Why Use OEE Systems?


There are plenty of different machines that are used in manufacturing concerns and processing companies. In fact, you could say that the quality of your company is only as good as the type of machines that you are using. However, machines require regular maintenance and servicing, or their efficiency will begin to decrease at a faster rate. Efficiency is basically described as the ratio of useful work that is done by a machine in comparison to the total amount of energy that is consumed by the machine. Here is a brief example: a new machine generally uses less energy to complete a certain task. As that machine grows older, it begins to consume more and more energy to perform the same amount of work, which indicates a decrease in the operational efficiency of that machine.

In a manufacturing concern, managers are required to carefully focus on the overall operational equipment effectiveness of the machines in use. Companies are required to install OEE systems to ensure that they are aware of the operational efficiency of any machine and are able to deploy a maintenance team if needed.

How Does the System Work?

This is basically a software program that is designed to keep track of multiple or single production lines. The software program integrates with the machines that are in use on the production line, and a manager will be needed to input details about each machine, as well as when maintenance work was carried out. Once all of the information has been uploaded to the software program, it will automatically compute when maintenance work needs to be carried out, and how much the efficiency of the machine will fall depending upon the frequency of its usage. It is a vital tool that is needed by managers to determine when to carry out repair work and when to replace the machines in the manufacturing department altogether.

What Does It Offer?

There are certain key benefits that this program offers to managers in the workplace. First of all, its greatest advantage is the fact that it offers powerful tools for handling data, whether automatic or manual. You will also get access to a range of real-time reporting tools that are ideal for use in audit trails or when carrying out in-house checks. You can use the reporting tools to set up alerts and customise the dashboard according to the needs of your organisation.

Most importantly, the program offers quality and energy monitoring to give you an idea about how much energy is being consumed by the machines. You also have the option of setting up an improvement agenda and laying down a suggestion scheme, to find out how certain processes within the workplace can be improved. Over the past few years, the program has become an essential requirement in many manufacturing concerns, both big and small, and its applications have grown by a significant margin. It can be used for highlighting the root cause of different things, or for calculating what-if scenarios and finding the best possible outcome.