Which Projector Should you Buy? DLP or LCD or LED projectors


There are advantages and disadvantages to all the three types. By reading about them, you can make a wise decision.

LCD projector:

LCD projector was invented in 1984 by Gene Dolgoff.  The light passes through the 3 panels – Red, blue and green. Each panel allows some colours to pass through and blocks others. This is then combined to create the image on the screen


The lamps in LCD projectors have a long life.

There are no moving parts which makes them much more affordable than the DLP projector.

The LCD projector can be used with zoom lenses and lens shifts

LCD projector has a lower contrast ratio which is good for viewing high quality images

They can used in large meeting rooms, movie halls and auditoriums.


Since there are no moving parts, dust settles on the LCD panels.

The dust on the panels requires filters to be replaced regularly and proper maintenance.

DLP projector

Digital Light Processing was the brainchild of Texas Instruments in 1997. The image in DLP projectors is created by using very small mirrors placed on a chip called the Digital Micromirror Device. The mirrors represent the pixels. The colours are created by a colour wheel that is kept between the light source and the DMD chip. This chip is synced with the rotation of the colour wheel to produce colours.


DLP projectors need less maintenance.

They are immune to colour decay

This projector can create 3D images as well


DLP projectors aren’t compatible with lenses for zooming so you can also use them in a smaller room.

LED projectors

LED projectors can either use LCD technology or DLP technology to produce the image.


The LED projectors last very long because the light source lasts 20,000 hours.

LED projectors are very energy efficient and require less maintenance.

These LED projectors are perfect for situations when you need to run the projector all day like class rooms or training rooms

Out of the three projectors, the LED projector is the best and has virtually no cons. You can obviously try the DLP projector or LCD projector if that is more suited to your needs.

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