What Separates High-Class Portable Toilets From Usual Ones


There are many types of the toilet that you can hire for an event. You may be looking to attract VIP customers to the event, so they need to be able to do their ablutions in complete comfort.

What separates high-class portable toilets from usual ones?

The Toilet Cubicles Are Extremely Spacious

You may have used some regular toilet cubicles in the past and noticed that they can be economical with space. In complete contrast, luxury toilet hire in Yorkshire provides an ample amount of space so that you are going to be able to sit on the toilet comfortably and then you are going to be able to wash your hands in a spacious sink afterwards.

Personal space is going to be one of the most important aspects of the toilet that you have hired. It is important that your customers are going to attain a certain level of comfort.

The Toilet Cubicles Have Showers Attached To Them

Normal toilet cubicles are not going to have showers attached to them. However, you may view these as a vital addition because the guests are attending an event in a muddy or wet environment.

The people are going to be able to use showers in high-class toilet blocks. These showers can run with hot or cold water. The showers are going to allow the people to get clean after they have had a long day enjoying themselves outside.

This is one of the most important aspects of any high-class toilet block that you are going to hire.

The Toilet Cubicles Have Air-Conditioned Units

You might be hiring these toilets in the middle of summer for your social event. This means that the guests can become extremely hot and sweaty whilst they are attending the outside event. The toilets that you have hired can have air-conditioning inside them, which means that the people are going to cool down whilst they are inside.

The air-conditioning can be controlled externally by the manager of the site.

Some Characteristics That These Toilets Share With Regular Ones

There are several characteristics that these toilets share with regular ones that can be hired.

The Toilets Have Thick Doors

You will want the toilet cubicles to have thick doors so that they are going to be able to block out the cold and the rain. You should always check the thickness of the doors from the specs of the website that you are hiring them from in the first place.

The Toilets Have A Sturdy Base

The toilets on the building site need to have a sturdy base. This means that the high-class toilets are going to have a solid foundation so that they can deal with high winds.

Overall Summary

High-class toilets are going to have to air-condition and they are going to have showers attached to make sure that the guests can get themselves clean during the event that you have been hosting. These toilets can be hired on a regular basis.