Three Arguments to Use to Prove Your Defective Product Claim

Product Claim

Whenever you purchase a product, you expect it to be safe and of quality. A bad product can make you feel frustrated and angry. However, these products can also put your life in danger. If a product was not properly tested or built, it can cause harm to users. If you used a defective product that caused you an injury, you could sue the company that made it. You should learn what arguments you can use for your defective product claim at These arguments include the following:

Design Flaws

When you argue that a product you used has design flaws, you must show that the product has a dangerous architecture. Thus, you should argue that despite being made perfectly, the product’s shape, design, and function pose risk to users. But, such an argument won’t apply to devices that are inherently dangerous such as power tools. Therefore, you cannot sue if you fail to follow safety precautions and get hurt when you use a big buzzsaw machine. But, this machine could have a poor design. For example, some of its parts may be designed to force you to get closer to the blades when you use the machine. This situation could make a strong case for product design flaws. 

Improper or Lack of Warning

If the manufacturer of the product was aware of the design flaw and ignored them, they should provide sufficient warning. Product users will not know about certain dangers if the manufacturer does not give them a proper warning. The victim can use this argument to prove a fair warning when they face the other party in court. The defect should be unexpected and when this defect causes injuries, the victim must hold the manufacturer accountable.

Manufacturer Error

This error occurs when the product was not made properly. It may happen when a part of a product does not work properly or something was not installed correctly. This is common with vehicle recalls, particularly when electric cars catch fire because of a battery defect. Nobody expected this issue and obviously, the vehicles were not made to burst into flames. If a product fails to work as intended and it caused an injury, the victim can sue the maker of the product. 

If you are filing a defective product claim, you need an attorney to represent you. Defective product jurisdiction can get ugly. A certain product part can be made overseas and the device was designed in the U. S, and nothing of it was made in Tacoma. Moreover, the location of your injury can impact the party you can sue and how. A lawyer can help you determine who you can hold accountable for your injuries.