Reception Area Solutions for Small Businesses


There are many industries where clients make appointments and there needs to be adequate seating and a comfortable environment. Hair salons, dental clinics and fast food outlets all require a small, comfortable waiting area for their customers, and with that in mind, here are some useful ideas on how to make your reception area a place that people enjoy.

Evaluate your Resources

To start with, measure up the floor space you have, as this will very much determine the scope of the project, and ideally, you want rows of comfortable chairs, and have these against the walls, making optimum use of the space. There are affordable waiting room chairs online that are both stylish and very functional, and with a range of colours and designs, your seating arrangements are taken care of.

Setting the Scene

One must never lose sight of the fact that your customers are going to spend some time in this environment, hopefully, not too long, so you will need a few flat screen TVs and also some suitable reading material. Coffee tables would also be an essential addition, and with a nice selection of magazines, and of course, your business literature at hand, people will be able to occupy themselves for the short time they are using the room. If the volume and type is suitable, background music definitely is a positive addition, and preferably instrumental, middle of the road listening, just above a barely audible volume.

Climate Control

This is essential for any working environment, and even more so for a waiting room. Having the ability to regulate the temperature is a must, so invest in an efficient HVACC system that also provides heat in the winter. A constant supply of cool water should be on tap, with disposable cups, and there are a range of designs to choose from, which means you can complement the room with a stylish unit. One could have a machine that dispenses both hot and cold water, and have some tea or coffee nearby.


Blinds would be essential to keep out direct sunlight, and vertical blinds allow for fine control over shading and natural light. Lights would ideally have dimmer switches, and that allows you complete control over your lighting. If the room design has a concept, then you can integrate the lighting into that, and with so many variations of table and stand lamps, it is easy to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Whatever your design, flowers will add a touch of freshness, and let us never forget how important it is for your customers to feel comfortable while they wait. Fresh flowers are ideal, and there would be a local florist who could op round every few days and introduce some variety.

The core of the room would be the tables and chairs, and with online suppliers, you can quickly find what you are looking for, and with trade prices, it won’t cost a fortune to transform your waiting room.