Pallets Make It Possible for Companies to Compete Globally


If you regularly ship large items or a large number of products at one time, you cannot survive as a business without using pallets. This sustainable product is often repurposed as well. Therefore, using pallets is not only wise business-wise, but economical as well.

If you are a business that regularly ships and receives materials, you fully understand the necessity of using these tools. Many business operations use standardised pallets, or pallets that are sized the same. By taking this approach, these businesses can maximise shipments on a regular basis.

Whilst a variety of types of pallets can be used, close-boarded pallets are one of the more popular choices. Selecting a design that meets your delivery and receiving needs will help you optimise pallet space and reduce waste.

Choose the Right Company

When you partner with a pallet company, such as Brookfield Pallets, you will feel much better about your pallet use. The company you use should offer a wide range of used and new pallets, each of which undergoes a complete inspection before it is featured for sale.

Establishing a relationship with a pallet company will enable you to resource the pallets you need and make use of other services as well. Make sure the company not only sells pallets, but buys pallets as well. That way, you can make full use of the pallets you use and recycle.

You can significantly cut down of pallet waste when you work with a pallet supplier that buys the pallets you cannot use any more. Companies pay on the spot. Therefore, you can get rid of pallets and earn some money at the same time.

Whilst companies work at refurbishing or repairing unwanted pallets, they also recycle them for other uses if they cannot be saved. In turn, you can maintain more streamlined operations, as you do not have to worry about redundant pallets littered around your facility.

Do not leave surplus pallets sitting in the wings when they can be collected and you can be paid. Besides pallets, the pallet company you use should feature services that provide the collection of pallet covers, stillages, roll cages, or magnum boxes. You can also receive money for these items upon collection.

Heat-Treated Pallets

If you do buy standardised wood pallets, make sure they comply with ISPM15, which is a standard used for making sure wooden packing is sanitary. Therefore, make sure the pallet supplier provides wood pallets that have been heat-treated. You can have the wood pallets you are using for export collected and heat-treated as well. If you do not want to be refused entry whilst exporting, make sure your pallets comply with international regulations.

Pallets are a lifesaver for anyone delivering or receiving merchandise. That is why it is important to work with a full-service pallet company.