Organisation Overload – 3 Reasons Why You Should Expand Your Services To Singapore


Touted by the World Bank as the second best country in the world for their ‘ease of doing business’, behind New Zealand, it makes perfect sense that companies are looking into expanding into Singapore. With a robust, growing economy and a strategic location in the Asia/Pacific region, it has established itself as one of the go-to locations for both SMEs and startups.

Home to a straightforward tax system, that has earned the accolade of the best in the world and a well-developed tech infrastructure with some of the fastest internet speeds in the world, it ticks all the boxes for companies looking to expand their services into Asia. Getting set up in this prolific city is a breeze with some great serviced and virtual office choices available in more than six different prestigious office buildings across the city. To find the right location for your business, visit

Continue reading to find out why you should expand your services to Singapore and seize the opportunities on offer in this Asian business hub.

Highly Skilled Workforce

Singapore is home to a huge pool of diverse, talented individuals who are motivated and productive. With great living conditions throughout the country and fantastic working environments, workers stay productive and interested in their work.

Furthermore, attractive immigration policies bring in a skilled labour force from neighbouring countries who are looking to develop their skills and take additional education and training to further enhance their abilities and improve their employment prospects. This environment breeds a positive, healthy and competitive environment that rewards hard work and dedication.

Strategic Location

Ranked as the ‘Best Seaport in Asia’ for the 29th time in 2017, Singapore once again overshadowed competitors Hong Kong and Shanghai to take the distinction. It’s one of the busiest container ports on the globe with more than 200 shipping lines linking up with 123 countries all over the world. In addition to this, the country’s International Changi Airport is connected with more than 300 cities and hosts all the major logistics companies.

Being in such a strategic location, not just in Asia but globally, means there are ample opportunities for you to gain new clients in Singapore. Expanding your services here through a serviced office means you can be set up and ready to network with some of these major global players.

Stable and Safe

Singapore may have a reputation for having some bizarre but strict laws such as gum being illegal, being fined for not flushing the toilet after use and tight restrictions on smoking in almost every public area. However, maybe it’s these laws that help to make it one of the safest countries in the world.

The political environment is one of the most stable in all of Southeast Asia and the strong legal system can be relied on to handle any cross-border disputes. It’s also one of the most transparent countries in Asia due to its sound policy-making procedures, which all lead towards a stable business environment for organisations from all over the world to feel comfortable in.

Expand Your Services to Singapore

Singapore may be a small country but it enjoys a unique position in the world economy and is a major player in the Asian marketplace. The city has a lot to offer to attract companies from abroad and more companies than ever are looking to expand their operations to Singapore due to its favourable climate for startups, fair tax system and skilled labour force.

With a serviced office solution, you can move your operations to Singapore with ease and capitalise on some the opportunities that are available in this influential and well-positioned Asian business hub.