Are the Signs Still Made From Neon


In general, neon signs are signs that are made of airtight tubes filled with neon. Neon is a noble gas from the periodic table. The noble gases are odourless, colourless, tasteless, and generally unreactive with other elements, which is why they’re called the inert gases and why they’re also perfect for lighting. When an electrical charge is run through one of these gases, they light up different colours. Neon lights up a distinctive reddish-orange, and Xenon lights up a bluish-purple. That’s where neon lighting comes from. However, is neon still used?

Is Neon Still Used?

You’ll find two different types of neon signs:

  • Many signs will be made from LED lights within a tube of nonreactive gas. A tube filled with C02 is fairly common. These are how fluorescent bulbs are made.
  • Fluorescent bulbs can be coloured, and they’re often called neon lights even though they are not truly made with neon.
  • There are other signs made with actual neon or other noble gases.
  • Signs made with noble gases are more expensive but they offer a look that cannot be truly replicated.

LED Replication

There have been many different attempts to replicate the look of the noble gases but none of them quite hold up. You can get a great looking neon sign in London with LED or fluorescent lights. These signs are often longer lasting and more friendly to the environment.

However, if you want the best possible signs, you still need neon. Look for someone who produces a wide range of signs so that you can make the best informed decision possible.