Montreal’s Mass SEO Strategy Earns Itself a Title


Montreal SEO Expert, Herman Tumurcuoglu has based himself out of Montreal due to it’s long holding reputation. According to the Reputation Institute, nearly 19,000 people from over 100 different countries agreed that Montreal was the 10th most reputable city in the world. Following a series of European cities like Vienna, Munich, Florence, Venice, London, and Barcelona, Montreal is the second Canadian city to be listed after Vancouver. What does this say about the city?

Montreal SEO Expert thinks that the city is reputable for many reasons that date back to 30 years ago and in some cases, hundreds. Starting with the architecture, Montreal was build and designed by the French which is shown in Old Montreal buildings and churches. Not to mention that the city is right on the St-Lawrence river. In other words, the city’s view is incredible especially since you can see it from Mount-Royal (Montreal was built around a big mountain). This allows tourists to see history while participating in hikes, nature walks, and other cultural activities. Due to the landscape and old architecture of Montreal, the city is very photographable. This means that Montreal has appeared on multiple blogs, websites, and medias making it very desirable for tourists to visit because of it’s beauty. The mass sharing that has occurred is similar to a mass SEO movement by Montrealers and other people that have shared to content.

For the details of the Mass SEO Movement that has occurred to promote the city of Montreal, contact the Montreal SEO Expert using the link provided above. Among the many social signals that have drawn Internet users into the city, the sharing of images that represent Montreal’s beauty is the most significant.