Kent PAT Testing, the best there is


Let us begin by understanding what PAT Testing is. First and foremost, PAT denotes Portable Appliances Testing. Kent PAT Testing is an institution that conducts testing of electrical safety, not just for domestic environments but commercial ones too. PAT Testing Kent is conducted under the principle that all electrical testing should be made very easy, reliable and professional. At the same time, it should be made considerably affordable for all clients.

PAT Testing Kent is conducted by reliable experts, all certified by City and Guilds. Bearing in mind how important it is to remain safe both at home and work, this is all the more reason to trust no one else but the best in the field of PAT Testing. Kent PAT Testing also deal with electrical appliances in addition to conducting state-of-the art tests in line with the accepted electrical regulations and standards. They are indeed the best at what they do.

Why is PAT Testing Important?

Today, PAT Testing cannot at all be treated as being partially or fully dismissible. This is because of its major implications in most insurance policy forums. Some costs may not be paid for by insurers in event of accidents if it is established that an enterprise operated in negligence of PAT Testing regulations, all the more reason to go for PAT Testing Kent.

Moreover, there is a general call by the Electricity at Work Regulations to all employees (as well as self-employed persons) to apply all possible steps associated with safety of electrical appliances. This is aimed at keeping electrical accidents at bay.

Activities carried out during PAT Testing

A variety of activities or tests take place in event of a PAT Test. One most important test is that of opening and inspecting all plug tops. At the same time, all insulations are checked.

A PAT Test will as well include checking of all fuses and their functionality. Screws and terminals are also tightened for maximum safety. Clamps as well are tightened. Another activity that takes place is the checking of all cords. Continuity of the protective earthing is also ascertained.

What does a PAT Testing Kent entail?

A complete Kent PAT Testing involves testing of all items that have plugs. These tests should be carried out using top test equipment. Upon passing the test, these items are labelled with safety pass stickers that show asset numbers and test dates.

Afterwards, a full report, compliance certificate and appliance register are emailed to clients. Requests for documents on CD Roms are also obliged to promptly. Kent PAT Testing preserves documents and files for ten years. This means that you have nothing to worry about in case you lose yours. PAT Testing Kent has you covered! What are you waiting for? Give Kent PAT Testing a call and let them take care of you. You are guaranteed to have zero regrets. They conduct tests professionally and their reliability is unquestionable. At the same time, they offer services at considerably affordable costs.