How to Make Your Next Conference a Raging Success


The problem with many conferences and other events is that they are not always set up in such a way as to be enticing for many of the participants. This can have a lasting impact on the participants, the sponsors, and the company that is paying for the conference. The good news is that turning around a boring conference is a matter of using quality audio visual products, investing in a technology backend that has a big impact, and getting the marketing right.

The Right Technology

Companies such as Conference Audio Visual provide top-quality audio visual products that include lighting, special effects equipment, video production and transfer, large screens, and so on. The right technology can entice participants and result in a professional event that is smoothly run and speaks well of the sponsors and the brand.

For example, imagine a large conference about a new suite of products from an exciting new company in the technology space. An industry event such as this needs to be exciting so that the sponsors are happy and so that it generates further marketing buzz about the products on offer. In this scenario, a technology solution that includes special smoke effects, a custom lighting rig, and a large screen are crucial to the success of the event.

Building the Hype

Of course, AV technology is only one part of the equation for success, albeit a vital one. Where companies often fail is in the marketing department and failing to capitalise on marketing opportunities that create additional buzz.

For example, in the above example, marketing could include any or all of the following strategies:

  • Social Media: A teaser campaign about new products on the way is a good way to generate hype amongst existing customers. The social media platform is also a great way to allow sharing of this marketing with non-customers. This both announces a product and potentially generates a raft of new customers beyond the existing base. A social media campaign structured around teasers is a classic method of generating hype and keeping customers focused.
  • Ripple Events: The ripple effect in marketing is most commonly represented through social media sharing these days but one should never forget the value of using more traditional media outlets to announce products. Press releases to the right outlets may result in news stories in traditional media that can make or break a brand overnight.

By the time the conference is underway, the marketing department should be operating at full capacity in terms of generating buzz in the right circles. At this stage, a successful conference that is enticing and exciting can act as the final push towards those desired ripple marketing effects. A big part of this is getting the technology right!