Employee Screening – You Know it Makes Sense


Technology has certainly changed the way we live in many ways, and when hiring staff, we can now perform background checks on potential candidates, to ensure that we are dealing with honest and ethical people. Those who are not suitable for employment have always managed to find a way to hide their history, and once they are hired by a new employer, they can begin to defraud the business, and you would not be aware you have hired the wrong person.

Suitable Screening

If you are looking to hire a person, the ideal thing would be to have a criminal background check carried out, and this would be carried out in the UK by the Criminal Records Bureau. The title of this screening has now been changed to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, which will inform an employer whether the person has ever been convicted of a crime. This service is only available to employers, and if you wanted to carry out DBS tracking, there are government approved agencies that can carry out the process online, which is very quick and convenient.

Enhanced DBS Checks

As an employer, if you are about to hire someone who will work with children or disabled people, you can carry out an enhanced DBS check, which involves a more detailed screening. The check will establish if the person has any spent or unspent convictions, and is necessary if the potential employee will have access to sensitive data, or a large amount of trust must be placed in them.

Online Solutions

Fortunately, if your business is located in the UK, there are specialised agencies who can carry out these checks on your behalf, and with an easy to navigate website, you can quickly initiate the process, which typically takes a few days to complete. DBS tracking can only be undertaken by approved agencies, and you will receive a certificate to verify the results. The cost would depend on the type of check you required, and with a tailored package, you only pay for what you actually need.

Employment History Checks

You might be thinking of adding a new member to the team, and would like to verify if the information they have given regarding their previous employment is actually true, and with an employment history check, you can find out everything about the person’s previous work history. Information included in the check would incorporate the position held, the length of the employment, and if the person has any qualifications, or has received any extra training, and this information could really help you to make an informed decision, and getting it wrong could be costly, in more ways than one.

Checking on job applicants is crucial in modern society, as many people are less than truthful about their past, and by requesting the right kind of search, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not to employ that person.