A Guide to Planning a Corporate Event


Some PR veterans will cringe when they hear these words, as it brings back memories of an epic failure that should remain firmly locked away, and with so much at stake, you simply cannot afford to slip up. Planning is, of course, the key to a successful corporate event, and with the event objectives firmly in mind, you can begin to make a master plan.

  • Know your Budget – This will determine the scope of your event, and whether it is for a small group of customers to introduce a new product line, or a grand launch that attracts hundreds of buyers, you will need to know your budget at the very outset. Once you have that figure, you can begin to explore the most cost efficient ways of achieving your event goals.
  • Essential Outsourcing – Most of the services you need can be outsourced, and with online solutions, it is possible to hire a complete audio and visual set up. If your company is Sydney based, you are in luck, as Conference Data Services offer a comprehensive service, and whatever your event needs, they will be able to handle it. Companies that focus on event management would offer a range of services from managing the complete assignment to merely supplying the audio-visual equipment, and with professional videographers, you can live stream the event and create copies for those who couldn’t attend.
  • Parking Facilities – You must be sure you have more than enough parking space, which needs to be within a short walking distance. Failing that, some sporty buggies would ferry your guests to the main area, and with someone monitoring the car park area, your guest can relax and enjoy the performance.
  • Lighten Things Up – Obviously, it isn’t going to be all business, and it is important to strike the right balance between entertainment and the more serious stuff. Whether the main stage is indoor or outside, you will need to carry many audio tests, to ensure that everyone can hear clearly. If you hired the right AV supplier, they would handle this side of things, and would ensure that your media is ready at all times. If you are having live entertainment or something pre-recorded, make sure it is suitable for the audience, and with the right balance, your guests will be focused on the presentation(s).
  • Play Devil’s Advocate – Someone has to do it and it might as well be the event organise, and all it involves is looking for worst possible scenarios and making sure you have them covered. The last thing you want is an unexpected occurrence, and while we cannot influence certain things like the weather, for example, we can still make arrangements for a dry arena to be on hand. What would happen if there was a power outage? – If the main media DVD disc was lost, do you have a replacement? – If the computer crashed, do you have a standby machine handy?

These, and many more questions, will ensure that whatever happens, you have it covered.

If you delegate what you can and outsource what you don’t have, as long as your plan has passed some serious scrutiny, the event should be one that is remembered for all the right reasons.