5 Tips for Dust Management in a Construction Site

Dust Management in a Construction Site

Air pollution is destroying our health in more ways than one. While many factors can contribute to the problem, one of the most serious is dust. It can originate from a variety of sources, including construction activities. That said, in the rest of this article, we’ll share some tips on the best strategies for managing dust in a construction site.

  • Use Misting Cannons

When it comes to dust control systems, misting cannons are amongst the most popular. They generate atomized mists that will saturate dust right on the source. The droplets of water will prevent the dust from being blown. Most of these systems are equipped with mobile systems, making it easy to move the cannon from one location to another.

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  • Install Barriers

Using barriers or fences is another promising solution to control dust in the construction site. It contains dust inside the place where construction takes place. This safeguards the people who are living around the area. However, take note that this does not spare the workers from the harmful effects of dust since they are still exposed to tiny particles that can put their health at risk.

  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment

Construction workers need to have eye and face protection to prevent the harmful effects of dust. The right PPE can save lives, especially for those who will be exposed to dust in the long-term. The management must create a plan to incorporate PPE in their policies and to encourage workers to use it. The PPE should be comfortable so that it won’t distract workers. Otherwise, it can make them unproductive and they will resist its use.

  • Introduce Mulch and Vegetation

For a set-and-forget strategy in managing dust, this is another promising solution. Mulch will be enough, but it is better if you also introduce vegetation. Mulch will cover exposed soil, which will prevent it from breaking down when there is wind. When the grass grows, it will make the soil more compact. This strategy, however, takes quite a while before it becomes effective.

  • Discover New Processes and Materials

A lot of construction activities are known for generating dust. Therefore, one of the best dust management strategies is to rethink the construction processes and look for new materials, focusing on ones that will not generate dust. This will also be an excellent step as construction companies move towards a more sustainable business models.

Dust may be tiny and almost invisible, but it has a huge health effect. It also harms the environment. With this, construction companies should be proactive in the implementation of a dust management strategy. From using misting cannons to the installation of physical barriers, this article talked about some of the best things that can be done to help fight air pollution in construction sites.