Why You Need Anti-spam Software for Your Business


Businesses that thrive concentrate on specific areas in order to meet certain goals and objectives. They do this by employing the right technology, including the proper anti-spam software. Anti-spam software can be installed between your company’s mail infrastructure and the web, thereby providing a safeguard against viruses and spam.

A Software That Stops Malware in Its Tracks

Whilst you must communicate by e-mail when you own a business, you are also exposed to certain risks. As a result, you must protect your technology against harmful spyware and viruses. Fortunately, certain products can assist in this regard by stopping malware before it impacts the inboxes of your staff.

Software that prevents these types of attacks works by using a spam filter to block unwanted messages, analysing and filtering each piece of correspondence so that employees only receive what is important. If a harmful file slips through the channel, an anti-spam software is designed to direct it to a quarantined zone.

You can use this type of software in various configurations, depending on the size and needs of your company. A spam filtering service can be easily integrated by changing a company’s DNS with the online web provider. After this operation, all the mail will be filtered through hosted servers which transfer all unwanted viruses and messages to a quarantine folder.

What to Use for Your Business

Thus, anti-spam software such as Mailcleaner is ideal to use in collaboration with any ISP, as it operates over a number of domains, each with various spam filtering guidelines. In addition, server gateways can also manage voluminous traffic. Not only that, but this type of software is quick to install. It only takes about fifteen minutes total.

As a result, anti-spam software offers a viable solution for any business, regardless of whether it is large or small. That is because this type of software protection serves as a blocker for unwanted messages or files. Plus, you can choose from cloud-based or shared solutions.

Noted Advantages for ISPs

As a result, anti-spam software, when designed for businesses, is the best technical upgrade to make for ISPs and ASPs who wish to provide clients with an antispam and antivirus filter. In fact, many ISPs want to use this type of software as it offers the following advantages:

  • You can manage thousands of domains for each server.
  • You can configure each domain separately by destination server, quarantine preferences, authentication, default language, etc.
  • Each domain can enact a method that instantly rejects messages that are sent to invalid e-mail addresses.
  • Mail routing is simplified, as each domain can be configured with a different destination.
  • Administrative work can be delegated over several accounts.
  • Servers can be installed to manage voluminous email traffic.
  • The filtering infrastructure can be protected by balancing out the redundancy of servers that are included in parallel.

You are not obligated when you choose this type of anti-spam software either. Typically, you can try it for free for thirty days. So, if you want to see how this type of anti-spam software can work for your company, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.