Why Promotional Products Are Essential


Engraved pens and other promotional products provide a critical service to your company by spreading awareness of your brand and making it possible for more and more people to visit your establishment. The best way that you can ensure that your brand is being thought of by both employees and clients is to offer them products that they see and use every single day so they always have your logo close at hand. This is enough reason in and of itself for you to contact companies such as The Pen Warehouse for laser engraved or even full-colour printed options.

Lasting Awareness

Research from the United States’s Promotional Products Association International has found that 62% of people remember the details and name of a company from which they received promotional products such as pens. A great promotional item should become an ongoing reminder of your brand and it should be something that is seen and used every day to ensure that this is the case on an ongoing basis. The best product for this type of thing is a pen because very few people use pencils in their daily routine and the vast majority utilise a pen in some fashion at least once a day.

Customer loyalty and even improved relations with customers is possible if you offer such gifts, especially if you combine them with such treats as chocolates and more because it will show your appreciation and gratitude toward them for their patronage. Include your contact details on the product using the laser engraving offered by The Pen Warehouse and it should be fairly easy for you to enjoy great success from your marketing techniques, especially if you want to give new customers the chance to know your information.


Pens are an item often shared among people for a wide range of reasons, such as servers using pens at restaurants to take down orders and in other locations. Schools, hospitals, and commercial settings are just a few of the locations in which you can be sure that your pens and promotional information will be seen by many hundreds or even thousands of people over the course of just a year. The results will be a spreading of your brand to those previously unaware of your services or products and this will naturally increase your organic traffic, both online and in your physical store.

The choice to contact companies such as The Pen Warehouse will allow you to create bulk promotional items for a cost-effective price. This lower price will allow you to give away your pens for free or as part of a promotional giveaway without worrying about any real loss, especially since this should be considered an investment into the betterment of your business. By the time you begin to see others find their way into your stores and onto your online site, it will be clear that this was one investment that you needed to make if you want to see your company grow larger over the coming years.