What Are Your Drainage Design Needs


If you are a developer, you need to count on the services of an engineer when planning the drainage design for your project. An engineer can help you by using the latest software to create a drain system – a system that can be incorporated into any size of development.

The Amenities Associated with a Drainage Design

Drainage design offers the following amenities:

  • Both foul and surface water drain designs can be drawn out and planned.
  • The drainage design can be used to reduce the incidence of flooding. This is accomplished by pinpointing drainage at the source.
  • By using special design and modelling software, engineers – consulting in Chichester can ensure that methods from the SuDS (sustainable drainage systems) manual are implemented.

Flood Risk Evaluations

In addition to drainage design, engineers can also assist clients by performing flood risk assessments for various types of developments. Therefore, flood mitigation regulations can be included in a detailed design for drainage.

Obtaining Planning Approval

Using an engineer for development purposes can also assist a developer in gaining planning approval, especially with respect to projects that emphasise drainage or flooding safeguards. Planning approval can also be received for matters that involve highway development.

Highway Designs

Drainage planning is also included in highway designs. This makes it easier to gain planning approval and to undertake construction or adoption initiatives. Engineers can also assist with external works.

Engineering companies can also perform horizontal or vertical designs of a site, including the establishment of outside levels or external finish requirements. You can depend on their services to stay compliant with local regulations when building a structure or highway.