What Are the Types of Travel Insurance Plans Available in India?

Travel Insurance

Travel is an important part of your life. A few lucky ones get to travel for work while other definitely enjoy their leisure travels. When planning for your travel, there are many points to remember like your accommodation, your travel, the duration of the trip, the sightseeing options and more. Among your long itinerary, a travel insurance is critical and essential component.

As essential it is to buy a health insurance policy, so is travel insurance for your trips. With a travel insurance plan, not only your personal inconveniences can be resolved, but also any legal hassles in foreign land.

What is covered by travel insurance? Not only does travel policy provide financial safeguard to cover your trips, but also other events that are critical to travel like delay or loss of baggage, loss of important documents like your passport, any treatment costs during travel, emergency cost for evacuation due to natural calamity or terrorist attacks, legal liability due to a third person, etc.

Here are some of the types of travel insurance plans that can be bought in India –

1. Domestic travel insurance

A domestic travel insurance as the name suggests covers all trips within India. Its coverage includes medical treatment, theft/loss of baggage, cancelled or delay in flights, disability of permanent nature and even personal liabilities that may arise during your travel.

2. International travel insurance

Those who are travelling across the national boundaries must opt for an international travel policy. This policy covers the same events as applicable for a domestic travel insurance but also includes the risk of flight hijacks, repatriation for medical treatment to India and more.

3. Medical travel insurance

As the name suggests, this type of travel insurance covers the costs associated with medical exigencies that might arise during your travel and other health related concerns. The exact inclusions and exclusions differ among insurance companies and must be checked before buying.

4. Senior citizen travel insurance

Travel insurance for senior citizens is directed specifically for those individuals above 70 years of age. While the age limit may vary for being classified as a senior citizen travel insurance, it is best to check with the insurance company. This plan includes coverage for various events and medical reasons concerning the health of older individuals. If you are travelling with senior citizens, make sure to avail one.

5. Student travel insurance

With a travel insurance specially for student travellers, any mishaps like medical evacuation, bail bond, interruption in studies, protection to the sponsor are available under this policy coverage. This policy is further available for a specified duration based on the tenure of the course.

6. Group travel insurance

For more than one individual associated with a common organisation, purchasing an individual policy might be expensive. At such time, a group insurance policy helps to offer similar benefits at an affordable premium.

7. Single trip and multi-trip policy

This type of travel insurance is based on the coverage for the trips, i.e. one or many trips. A single trip policy is that which remains valid for one trip whereas frequent flyers can opt for a multi-trip plan. With a multi-trip policy, you no longer need to worry about purchasing a new travel policy for each journey and remains valid for a specified duration, generally for a year.

To conclude, these are the various types of plans that can be purchased. The choice of the policy must be finalised only after considering your requirements and the co-passengers along with you. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.