Strengthening your brand name


Custom printed packaging tape is a product that is gaining a lot of popularity. But the question now becomes how do customers find your products if you in the B2B game? How can you stick out from your competitors? There are so many solutions out there for companies to do so but not all bring the best return on investment. Custom printed tape will allow companies to have added security to their packages among other things. When a company uses tape that is easily found on the market, it is easy for someone like the handler of the package to open it, take an item and reseal it.

Another advantage to custom printed tape is the fact that it leaves a great impression on customers. If done creatively, customers will remember your packaging and the sentiments they felt when they received your package. It is a great idea to make sure they have you at their top of mind for future purchases they may need to make.

Business to business marketing has a lot to do with building relationships with your potential customers. It is important to find out who it is responsible to make the decision on what kind of packaging tape to use. Once you do find that person, connect with them through a social media platform, preferably LinkedIn. Most of the time, they will connect with you if the connect feature it available to their profile.

Then it is up to you to post a good amount of content on these social media profiles; ideally 3 times a day or more. Make sure the content you post is related to your day-to-day life related to your business and the ups and downs you go through. People still like to see your wins and how you worked hard to get there as well as your struggles and how you overcame them.

Once someone from your network either likes, comments or shares your post, write to them. Thank them for the engagement and ask them if they would like to jump on a quick call to discuss how doing business with you will benefit them. This is the way to generate more business on social media.

There are many ways to get your brand to stand out. Online marketing is just one way to do just that since there are still many ways to get your brand name out there in the real world. As mentioned, custom printed tape is just one way of doing so and there are so many other creative ways of strengthening your brand name. Look for some strategies more in line with your culture and what your customers would like to see you do.