SignNow High-End Services Overview

Electronic Signatures

Why Use Electronic Signatures

Today, doing business has moved to a new, more advanced level. An important component of any business ­ document flow ­ has also moved to an electronic platform, thanks to which services, which provide comfortable conditions for this process, have appeared. The ability to apply electronic signatures simplified the work process and significantly improved the workflow. You no longer need to print huge reams of paper, scan documents, and collect hand signatures. Overall, e-signatures have created convenient conditions to operate your regular deals in a new, automated form.

What Is the Advantage of Electronic Signatures?

The electronic signature was invented for remote transactions, contracts, agreements, and other types of papers. Since such a signature has legal significance and is no different from a physical hand signature, it allows a person to be mobile and save time and effort.

The key advantage of electronic signatures is that they greatly facilitate the management of all processes in the organization. Therefore, today, services and platforms that automate their operations are extremely popular among Internet users.

As a leading provider of e-signatures technology, SignNow completely replaces traditional document signing. Using SignNow services, you can sign papers directly in your browser or on your mobile device. The company is rightfully considered one of the most highly-rated electronic signature tools, with several undeniable advantages. The platform users leave mostly positive reviews and emphasize SignNow’s exceptional services.

Is SignNow Safe?

Security is an important aspect of SignNow’s policy. The company strives to provide the necessary conditions for a comfortable user experience. Its employees and developers have extensive experience in the field of IT security, and the service has already established itself as a highly reliable and effective platform that has won the trust of a wide range of users. SignNow applies the best security measures using Advanced Threat Protection and Link Protection. In this way, SignNow users’ data is ensured with maximum security and reliability.

Document Processing Details

SignNow has an extensive set of tools that automate workflows and paperwork processes for further submission for signature. The platform’s customers can use a variety of templates provided by the company, which represent a ready-made solution and speed up the process of working with documents. When the document created on the platform is ready, it can be copied and sent for signing to other users.

Collaboration Offers

SignNow has created an environment for easy team collaboration. For example, users can systematize documents by creating groups in various categories to better manage the monitoring, sharing, and distribution of documents. In general, this approach allows for faster and more optimized document exchange.

SignNow Mobile Application

As mentioned above, SignNow’s services are available in web browsers and a special mobile application. The company’s mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices. Besides, users can download it on PCs, tablets, laptops, and smartphones as well. The application also has a range of useful features and functions for editing, sharing, and leaving signatures on documents.

SignNow Subscription Prices

The platform can be used without registration, but if you need to save the edited document, you must register an account. SignNow has a paid subscription for some advanced features.

SignNow user costs are relatively low. User plans cost from 8 to 50 dollars per month. Users also have an option to purchase a yearly subscription, which saves up to 60% of funds.

To give users a pre-purchase experience, SignNow has introduced a 7-day trial option for its corporate plan. Thus, clients do not need to blindly buy half a subscription without knowing anything about the company’s services. The trial period will allow them to experience all the advantages of the platform and make a decision to buy their preferred subscription or not.

Documents Exchange

Submitting documents for signature using SignNow includes several methods. For example, users can upload text files for bulk signature, create signature links, or submit a document for personal signature. The most common method among users is to send documents by email. SignNow lets you customize several submission features such as subject and sender. You can also customize other advanced features. Overall, the platform supports 15 different file types that you can work with.

Support Service

To make using the platform as convenient as possible, SignNow has created a customer support team. The platform has taken care of assembling a strong team of professionals capable of providing effective assistance to clients at any time.

Customers can contact the company’s reps with any questions using chat or email. Besides, in case of questions, users can contact support agents 24/7. The support service is quick to respond, and it is always very attentive and friendly. Thus, by choosing SignNow, you will receive quality support 24/7.


SignNow is a professional platform in the digital signature industry that provides premium services. The company’s services help improve workflow efficiency by eliminating paperwork for people. Thus, users can make better use of their time and resources.

By choosing the services of a platform that is available on all devices, you can sign documents, share them with colleagues, and securely download and process files. Importantly, both the application and the web version of the service apply robust security measures to ensure the reliability of storage and transmission of customer data. SignNow’s pricing is also reasonable and affordable, and the various plans will help you choose exactly what works best for you. In general, SignNow is the optimal choice for both enterprises of various sizes and individuals who require an advanced solution for doing business on the Internet.