Protecting Your Warehouse from Threats


If you run a warehouse, there are many internal and external threats of which you need to be aware, and you need to be vigilant about protecting your warehouse from these threats. You can do this with a good alarm system as well as with cameras. There are many different types of cameras that are available. If you want an internal camera, closed circuit television (CCTV) can show you feeds from all of your cameras at once. If you want an external camera, many people opt for motion-activated devices. A motion-activated camera is often the best choice because it won’t waste time recording an empty street outside of your warehouse; it will only be activated when someone approaches. There are other physical deterrents that provide security as well.

The Door

The first and foremost deterrent to bad actors is just a solid door. A good door will keep most people out. If you are worried about intruders, you need metal roller shutter doors. A set of good metal doors made of a reliable material will keep most people at bay. There are some choices that you will need to make. As for door material, steel is often the best choice, but some doors are also made of aluminium. Aluminium is not quite as sturdy as steel but it’s a much lighter weight. That makes it easier to raise and lower your door; however, you can get around the weight of the metal door with an electric assist.

Many shutter doors have electric motors that open and close them like garage doors. That means you won’t have to worry about the weight of the door. Metal doors are heavy because they protect from more than just intruders.

Fire Damage

Fires are a problem that can occur inside a warehouse for many different reasons. You also don’t want outside fires from other neighbouring warehouses to catch your warehouse goods on fire. If something does happen and your warehouse catches on fire, you need to make sure that the fire does not spread. A set of good metal doors will be fireproof to contain the fire so that your suppression system can put it out.

Bespoke Doors

You need to invest in bespoke doors if you have doorways that are an uncommon shape, uncommon size, or otherwise difficult for off-the-shelf solutions. A bespoke door can be built exactly to your specifications and installed in your doorway. There are many reasons why even a normal-sized door might need a bespoke solution. For example, a doorway that is very close to the roof will offer you very limited opportunity to mount the motor above the door. You will be able to work with the door manufacturers to create an alternative door mechanism. They’ll be able to create something that works for you.

In conclusion, getting the right door for your warehouse is important. The right door means that your home is protected from potential intruders as well as from fire or storm damage. A warehouse that is well-protected with a bespoke door will give you peace of mind that your business is safe.