Points To Keep In Mind While Choosing Business Checks


Business checks are instruments used for transferring large amount. Selecting the right business check is a challenging decision at the same time very important. Checks are best replacement of cash and offer various other functions. Checks are used instead of debit cards. There are different kinds of business checks available in the market but you have to choose the one that resonates with your style. Have a closer look at different kind of checks available.

Laser and Manual Checks

Both laser and manual checks are available in the market at affordable rates. Laser checks are preferable when you have a software that will be compatible with your checks. Financial softwares are of different kinds and every office owns one. Laser checks are made to match your financial software. These are in high demand and safer than the manual ones. But if you do not own any financial programme, you will have to go for manual checks. They are printed three on every page. Both checks follow all guidelines that are set by banks. Producing them is easy and is a fast process. The order must be given well in advance.

Laser Checks

If you are getting laser checks printed you can get the check printed on the top or the bottom or in the centre of a page. All this will be best determined once you are clear which financial software are you getting installed. Checks also have different purposes like payroll, accounts payable, disbursement. It is necessary for you to know for what purposes will your check be used.

Multi purpose computer checks are also available which can be used for encountering any accounting program.These multi purpose checks can be used for both payroll and accounts payable services.

Customize Your Manual Check

You are free to customize your manual check from a wide range of options available. The manual checks come in 3 per page and will have various styles like disbursement checks and checks that include special invoice box which helps you to give many invoices in a single check. There are also other useful varieties that will attract you like payroll checks, voucher checks, disbursement checks.

You can also buy the 7 ring check binder while placing the order. It is extremely useful in keeping the checks in a organized and protected way. They easily hold the 3 per page manual checks.


The type of check will be decided on the basis of your requirement and the type of your business. Once that is decided, next step is to determine the color and logo of the check. Logo can be small yet decipherable matching the company’s logo. In most cases both logos are similar.

Logos on checks add the identity factor. The color of the check can be similar to the company’s color. You can purchase different colors of checks for different purposes. There is a wide range of colors and logos for both manual and laser checks.