Outsourcing IT Support Services: Are They Really Worth It?

IT Support

In this modern era, every business should make efficient use of technology. Even an organization with minimal IT setup needs support at some point in time. Without an efficient technical structure, no business can survive the current competition. Every organization cannot afford an internal IT department. Therefore the need for outsourcing the IT support services came up.

A majority of companies today depend entirely on outsourced IT support services. These services are relatively cheap yet not compromising on the quality of support provided. For a healthy business, it is mandatory to have a professional IT support system.

Different Categories of the IT Support Services

When we hear the phrase IT support, we usually connect it as an internal business department. Different businesses have different IT support requirements. But there are some support services that almost every organization requires. We have categorized them in this article:

1. Monitoring Service

These services manage your client’s details and other confidential data. This information is very critical to any business and even targeted by hackers. The role of monitoring services is to protect your network and provide remedial solutions when attacked. A swift action not only protects your network but also ensures continued business. Monitoring services secure the software and applications used by clients and staff.

2. Designing Services

Designing an IT infrastructure for an office can be a challenge for any business. How to start? What equipment is required? Many related questions come to our minds. It is when the need for a designing expert arises. He assesses your business requirements and designs an IT setup based on it. These are flexible designs that ensure that the IT setup could be scaled up with ease when the business expands.

Many IT support companies provide a long-term support agreement with a warranty on their design.

3. Active Support Services

Active support is the most common IT support service that we all have used at some point or the other. The service provides live assistance to business customers or staff regarding their products or for some piece of information. Even the employees of a company often use the service to find solutions related to their work. The service provides instant support through live chats or voice calls through their dedicated helpdesk.

Commonly Used IT Support Services

1. Help Desk / Live Support

A help desk is an initial contact point for any customer or user seeking help. A help desk personnel ensures complete support to your customers and employees via live chats, voice calls, remote sessions, or even through a website.

2. Data Storage Service

Gone are the days when data was saved in files and stored on shelves. As everything is in digital format these days, it is easy to access and save data anywhere and anytime. But this has also attracted hackers. Data services provide you secured data storage and access through:

  • Cloud storage service
  • Data backup services
  • Off-site data centers
  • In-house systems or servers

Data services range from storage to managing access to recovery to data security at all times.

3. VoIP Services

VoIP facilitates ease of recording business calls and even making calls from your PC. VoIP services are the life-blood for a majority of call center businesses. Even though it makes your calling and recording easier, the infrastructure setup is very technical and requires an expert. The IT support engineer can set up a VoIP connection for your business effectively. VoIP services usually include:

  • New device setup and configuration
  • Troubleshooting the connections
  • Calling and quality issues
  • Faulty device issues

4. Hosting and Email Services

In this digital era, a website reflects your organization’s online existence. Hosting service provides a launching pad for your website and ensures the security of all the content saved there. Likewise, email is also an important mode of e-communication for businesses. Email services usually include account setup, password reset, email storage, account deletion, etc.

5. E-Security Services

For massive networks, we require complete security solutions. But every IT security starts with small and basic protection. A service provider can deliver your business with solutions like firewall security, malware protection, and anti-virus software.

6. Managed IT Services or MSP

Some businesses require more than one IT support service. MSP’s can handle almost all IT support requirements of your business. It includes employee access, data storage and backup, network management, and even IT infrastructure maintenance.

Are the IT Services Worth Outsourcing?

Technology brings a whole lot of benefits to any business but also accompanies a lot of trouble. Without dedicated IT support, these troubles can do heavy damage to your business. IT support services can ensure the efficient and smooth working of your business.

IT support manages everything from device setup to online security to data management. It is mandatory for all modern businesses. IT Support services are cost-effective, secured, customer-centric, and absolutely worth every dollar spent.