Make the Most of the Property Boom in York


There are many reasons why York is enjoying a slight property boom right now. First of all it is being targeted by investors looking to buy properties to rent. The university means there are plenty of students and a steady flow of young people looking to rent a home during their educational years. On top of this, York is currently going through high technology industry investment, which has seen average homes now going for £149,000.

Making the Most of Your Property

If you’re interested in selling up while the property market is on a high it’s time to start preparing your home. If you do want to get the
most money possible and achieve your desired asking price you will need to do some work on your home.  A small, sensible investment here and there will make it much easier to attract buyers and get you that sale.

Tidy Up the Interior

There’s no need to put in new bathrooms or kitchens if your home doesn’t really need them. If they are in good condition you can keep them as they are and let the owners decide on the new style of the kitchen or bathroom suite. However, if the kitchen and bathroom are very old and the walls are damp or crumbling away it may be sensible to invest in these rooms to bump up the asking price of your home.

At the very least give each room a fresh coat of paint and have the carpets and flooring professionally cleaned or polished.  The aim is to have the house looking in the best possible condition and for you to show that you have taken pride in your home and kept it in good condition.

People Care about Energy Efficiency

Many of the homes in York are old and sadly this often means that they are expensive to heat. You would be sensible to take some measures to improve how energy efficient your home is. You can achieve this by improving the insulation in the home, consider investing in new triple glazing windows and improving the doors in your property. If you already have any sustainable energy equipment such as solar panels or a home wind turbine use these to your advantage.  Work out how much money you save through these alternative energy generators and ensure your estate agent is using them to market your home.

Improve the Exterior of Your Home

Once the inside of your property has been given some tender loving care it’s time to work on the outside of your home. The exterior is just as important as the interior, if not more so as it’s the first thing potential buyers use to judge your property. If the outside of your home looks uninviting and messy you’ll find many people won’t even come through the front door.

Improve the exterior by tidying up the garden, adding some quality door hardware and garden pots and replacing your exterior buildings. Buy new garage doors in York, put some additional security on your outbuildings and check the roofs for leaks.