How to Organise the Perfect Outdoor Wedding


If you live in Australia, the outdoors is an essential component to many social functions, and for weddings, a stunning beach or country setting is the ideal backdrop for the union to be celebrated. As nice as it is to hold the event outside, it does bring logistical issues to a new level, and with that in mind, here are some useful tips to ensure the event is one that is remembered by all, for all the right reasons.

  • Choose the Right Time of Year – That, of course, would depend on where in the world you are, and Australians would typically choose a date between October and February, which gives you the best guarantee of favourable weather. Rushed weddings are never a good idea, and with plans formed at least 6 months prior to the big day, you will have adequate time to arrange everything.
  • Source the Right Supplier – In a perfect work, there would be a single contractor who could provide everything from a stunning marquee to the knives and forks, and there is one such company that offers marquee hire in the Melbourne eastern suburbs. They can supply you with the ideal marquee, audio-visual equipment, catering supplies, and just about everything you could possibly think of. By dealing with a single supplier, you are effectively reducing your workload, which leaves you with the time to oversee and actually enjoy the experience.
  • The Entertainment – A couple of hundred people, combined with a free flowing bar, demands the right music, and with a suitably sized dance floor (which you can hire with the marquee) and the right playlists, you can have something to please everyone, not least the bride and groom. It is always a welcome change to have a comedian come on every hour, just for 10 minutes, as this varies the tempo somewhat and provides a change to relax. There are online artists who are happy to perform at any live event, and as the music and sound system is covered, your entertainment needs are sorted.
  • The Food and Drink – Of course, the menu simply has to be top notch, so much so, that hiring an experienced caterer is the best solution. If, on the other hand, there are a few family and friends who are handy in the kitchen, why not hire the catering equipment from the marquee supplier? They would have a range of other essentials, including furniture and bar fixtures, making it a one stop shop. Ice is something you can never have enough of, and this can be achieved by ordering from a local supplier, or renting an ice making machine with sufficient capacity to handle 12 hours of non-stop production.

The only other thing to arrange is the wedding videography, and you will need to source a good company at least 6 months before the big day, as these guys are very busy and usually booked for months in advance. That sorted, you can oversee the setting up of the venue, safe in the knowledge that everything on your list is in hand.