How to Accept Credit Cards: The Ultimate Guide for Small Businesses


Finding your target audience and developing a great, effective strategy to reach them is one of the best things you can do when running your business. But do you have your payment options set and ready to go should that succeed? Many small businesses spend so much time working to attract customers that they fail to ensure their payment system as well as the methods offered are up to par. If they are not, then you could find yourself with a number of very frustrated potential customers – and with competition running so high in today’s market, that is the last thing you want! Instead, ensure that you can accept credit cards and move on with your business. Let’s look at how to do this, and even how you can get a free online merchant account!

Find a Merchant Account Service

One of the first things that you need to do in order to accept credit card payments is to find a great merchant account service. This will make your job a lot easier as they work to keep track of your finances and make it easy to see your payments online. Some of them even offer things like a free online merchant account with their plans, which is a great value!

Get the Right Technology

Along with finding a great merchant account service, you also need to ensure you have the kind of technology to help you succeed. Find the credit card machine or swiper that best suits your needs!

Lowest Credit Card Processing Fees

Finally, find a service that offers the lowest credit card processing fees you can find. There is nothing worse than working hard to make a sale only to see most of your money vanish via processing fees.

When you want to start accepting credit card payments, give Merchant Account Solutions a look! They offer a variety of services including a free online merchant account, and are ready to help your business grow!