How a Recruitment Agency can help you source talent


The job of a recruiter is to find the right talent for each of the jobs that his company is advertising for. This is no easy feat as there may be a lot of applicants, but only a few are actually qualified. The best way to ensure that there are more qualified applicants available for any job is to get the services of a recruitment agency.

Recruitment agencies are third party firms that are contracted by companies to help fill their human resources needs. These agencies are especially helpful for companies whose manpower needs are too much for them to handle or for those who do not have their own in-house recruitment teams yet. They help look for talent who qualify and meet the job requirements given by the company. When they have candidates already, they send them over to the company for interviews. The agencies collect fees for their services on a monthly basis or on a per contract basis depending on what they agree on.

You should get the services of a recruitment agency if:

  1. You are pressed for time – some hiring managers need positions to be filled immediately. As such, there may not be enough time to go through the entire talent search process. A recruitment firm gets thousands of resumes every day for various types of jobs. This makes it easier for them to find the right candidates almost as soon as the company asks for them. They simply need to do a quick filter of the criteria that the company requires and they can easily submit a list of candidates from their database.
  2. You need to fill a lot of positions – this often happens when a company is expanding their operations or when a company is starting out. A huge amount of talent is needed in the shortest possible time so the help of a recruitment agency is needed badly. The recruitment agency can help screen the applicants initially and determine which ones are worth considering for the job. Finding talent from a huge pool of people can be exhausting and any form of help will make filling the many different job positions faster.
  3. You don’t have time to do it yourself – startup companies are the ones who often have this problem. With so many different things that company owners have to be concerned about such as getting their product off the ground as quickly as possible, hiring talent often becomes the least of their priorities. At the same time, they need more talent to help them run the startup business.

Recruitment firms can be a third party services partner who can bring in the talent that they need. They can take care of the recruitment tasks and give their recommendations for the final hiring decision of the big bosses.

A recruitment agency can make hiring new talent easy for any kind of organization. Be it a small or a big company, they can still use the expertise and pool of talents that recruitment firms provide. When you have too much on your hands, you can truly benefit from the professional services offered by recruitment agencies.