Hiring an Atlanta civil rights lawyer: Check this guide

Atlanta Civil Rights Lawyer

If you believe that any of your civil rights have been violated, you should consider consulting an attorney. It may refer to something like wrongful termination at work or something more serious like excessive pressure used by police. Unfortunately, the number of civil rights violation cases in Georgia is significantly high, and many people don’t seek legal representation because they don’t know what to expect. If you want to hire an Atlanta civil rights lawyer, below is a guide for help.

Consulting an attorney

Most civil rights lawyers in Georgia offer a free consultation session for prospective clients. Not all cases are worth pursuing, at least from a legal point. Eventually, the individual must prove everything in the lawsuit, and without solid evidence, things can go wrong. You need to meet an attorney to know the true worth of your civil rights case. In some cases, the immediate concern is not just a financial reward or compensation. An attorney can advise on what you can expect from the case.

Ask the right questions

There is “no” question that you can ask. The first meeting with a civil rights attorney is also a good window to ask important questions like –

  1. How long have you been practicing in Atlanta?
  2. How frequently do you work on civil rights cases in your practice?
  3. What is your success rate? Can you share details of your landmark cases?
  4. Will you work on my case or assign it to an associate or partner?
  5. What are the expected remedies in my case?

Discuss the costs

Many civil rights lawyers work on a contingency fee, but this varies on many aspects, including the expected remedies. If the lawyer takes a contingency fee, you only pay them when they win a financial settlement. The fee is a part of the settlement discussed in advance. If the lawyer is working on an hourly fee or retainer rate, you can expect them to offer an estimate in advance. There could be other expenses in civil rights, such as investigation costs, and your lawyer can guide you on those aspects.

Reviews matter

If an attorney claims to be among the best in Atlanta for civil rights cases, they must have good reviews. Make sure that you also ask for references. Online reviews posted independently by other customers are handy for comparison, and you can always meet an attorney to decide in person.