Four Questions to Ask Pump Station Providers


Each year, water authorities choose to adopt hundreds of pumping stations to ensure that all sewage waste from offices, homes, leisure facilities, and more reach their sewage treatment works and is property treated. These stations are critical and important pieces of equipment and the process of installing them must be done correctly to ensure that the adoption process is completed smoothly and without trouble. Delaying this process could cause a number of ongoing maintenance costs, which is why you need a reliable company that will install the pump station to the highest industry standards and have it adopted with minimal delay so that you can keep your own costs as low as possible.


When hiring a professional company for the installation of adoptable pump stations, it is imperative that they be familiar with the preferences of the water authority in question. This will include what SFA specification they are working to and what addendum revision they must consider, all of which must be taken very seriously throughout the installation process. Failure to meet the proper standards or to follow the correct specification could result in a severe delay to the adoption process, costing you dearly in maintenance fees in the short term.


You have a large role to play in the installation of your pump stations and there is likely a great deal of information that you need to supply to produce the full technical submission. Once you know exactly what to provide, it is important that you gather that information as quickly as possible so that you can reduce the risk of a problem in the future. The company you hire to help you with the process will not only help you to significantly reduce any troubles during installation but will also expedite the process by keeping you informed.

Response Time

When working with a provider for the installation of your pump stations, it is important that you know the average response time to any queries that may arise from the water authority in relation to the technical submission. Fast response time is critical to ensure the completion of the project according to the proper regulations and standards and this is why you must be sure that you know how quickly inquiries are to be answered. The results will be a faster adoption and fewer maintenance costs for your own business and this alone should make your own burden significantly smaller.

Speed of Installation

Installing an adoptable pump station can be a long process and you need to know exactly how long you should expect to wait between the start of the project and its completion. This should help you to significantly reduce your own troubles and allow you to form a plan around the construction and installation to help you in the long run. By the time that you have your new pump station installed and ready and then have the adoption sorted out, you should be able to get right back to work on your own tasks without too much frustration or delay throughout the course of the project.