Food Truck Trademarks and Branding


After being kickstarted in 2008 by a Korean barbecue taco truck in Los Angeles, food trucks are already a one billion dollar industry. This trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in the near future and may even be heading in the direction of becoming a permanent part of the food industry.

Interestingly enough, from a business and marketing perspective, successful food trucks are some of the best branded businesses in the world. So whether you are in the food truck business already, interested in becoming a part of it, or simply want to learn more about this rapidly growing industry, keep reading to learn about the importance of food truck branding and trademarking.

Always Do Research Before Deciding on a Name

A food truck name should be protectable and it is advisable to speak with a trademark attorney in Scottsdale before choosing one. This will provide valuable information about whether or not the name is unique and distinct enough to be protected. If there are already existing trademarks on a similar name this may impede your ability to use it. Another reason why food truck names are so critical to this particular industry is because so much revolves around the marketing aspect. This makes it especially important to choose an easily marketable name. Many people in the food truck industry believe that branding may be more important than the food itself when it comes to sales performance.

Be Aware of Potential Competitors

It is important for food truck owners to keep an eye out for business competitors who may be accidentally or purposefully using variations of their branding, logos, or name. If a competitor uses a name closely related to a particular food truck, this could subsequently sacrifice customers who may think the businesses are one in the same. This issue is especially prevalent in the social media world we live in today.